In order for the Bass Fishing Archives to document the past, we rely on the use of old bass fishing magazines, papers, books and photos. Although we have a pretty in-depth library of old material, we realize there are voids that need to be filled. Because of this, we are extending a call for old material. If you have any old print material that covers bass fishing’s early days, please contact us. Material we are interested in is:

  • Old “Fishing Facts” magazines
  • Old “Smallmouth” magazines
  • Old Bass Pro Shops catalogs
  • Print material from local bass fishing organizations in your area or state

The Bass Fishing Archives is also interested in stories of anglers from the past who have made an impact in their respective geographical locations. We know there are anglers out there who, in the past, have made a giant impact on local bass fishing. Anglers who may have never made it to the professional ranks, yet they were the anglers to beat on any given weekend. Since we don’t know of the local heroes, we ask you to help us find them. This doesn’t just cover individual anglers either. Is there a club in your region that has always been the club to beat or was the club back in the early days of competitive bass fishing? We want to know about it.

If you have any information you’d like to share with us, please use the Contact form on the Contact page.

Thanks for your help!

The Bass Fishing Archives