Spreading a Little Christmas Cheer – 1

76 BPS Xmass 5We’re going to spread a little Christmas Cheer here the next week or so, courtesy of some old Bass Pro Shops Christmas catalogs.  We hope you enjoy the pictures and get a kick or two out of them.

So, to start off here’s a look at what a Fenwick Super LunkerStik would cost you at Christmas 1976. The original price of $23.99 is amazing let alone the Christmas deal of $18.88. At that price I wish I would have bought all 6000. I’m sure I could have made double the cost selling them to Rich Zaleski a few years later.

  • Ralph Manns

    Interesting to note the short, one-handed grips. I’ve always been able to cast most accurately with short handled pistol grip rods and still use one for topwater fishing and accurate placement of cranks. But I notice the modern ads no longer even suggest use of pistol grips. My lastest Bass Times advertises a straight handled rod for accurate casting????? ? But then, I was never able to switch over and use left-handed casting reels as effectively. I’m apparently too old a dog to learn new tricks.