BFA Schedule Change

New BFA Logo GMFor the past 3-1/2 years we’ve been posting a new story every weekday that takes us back in the history of bass fishing. With the help of stellar writers such as Pete Robbins, Brian Waldman, Stan Fagerstrom and Harold Sharp, we’ve relived much of bass fishing’s history on a daily basis. We’ve taught a number of people some of the more obtuse history but more so, we’ve learned from our readers too.

Unfortunately, due to schedule, other commitments and responsibilities, we’re going to have to curtail that schedule to a minimum of once per week for the unforeseen future. You’ll see a post by me at least once per week and when Brian and/or Pete have the time or something interesting to share, they’ll provide content. Stan Fagerstrom has committed to continuing his look back on the sport he’s been involved with since 1946 (thanks Stan) in his monthly column, Let’s Look Back. So, at the minimum there will be one new post per week and possibly more.

Unfortunately we will be discontinuing the Monday Trivia Contest as of today. The contest was fun but to be honest with you, only a total of 25 people ever played it over the course of three years. We want to thank Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits for the three years of support for the contest. We also want to thank all of you who played the game.

This decision wasn’t easy to come to in that all of us here love what we do and feel the history of the sport needs to be told. It took us nearly 6 months to come to this decision and believe me, it wasn’t an easy choice. In the meantime, the site will continue to provide all those interested in the history a great place to come to research the past.

Thank you all for coming to the site every day to read about the history of bass fishing. We hope you continue to support the site and read what we have to say at least once per week. And, like before, if you ever have any ideas for subjects to cover, we’re always available through the Contact form at the top.

Thanks again,

Terry, Pete, Brian and Stan.

  • Al H.

    Thanks to all who contribute and comment on this site. I looked forward to it every day. Many of the vintage books reviewed here are now in my library and of course the history of our passion is always an easy read for me. I will look forward to the weekly articles and continue to tell others about this great site.

    • Terry Battisti

      Al, thanks for the kind words and we hope that we can bump it back up to 4-5 time per week soon. We thank you for supporting the site!