This Month in Bass Fishing History – June 2013

bth_BFAIt’s that time again, where we take a quick look back at what was happening this month in bass fishing history. Always entertaining, sometimes enlightening, and certain to make you feel old 🙂

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Jed_Dickerson_21_7lb10 YRS AGO: Finally, the biggest bass in the 3-month string of amazing catches from California 10 years ago. It’s June 2, 2003, and Jed Dickerson of Carlsbad lands a 21.7lb. giant bass from Lake Dixon in Southern California. Dickerson is  30 years old at the time, and released this giant bass, the then fourth-heaviest on record in the world, and the third-largest in the State of California, but the story gets better.

There is much speculation that this bass could have been caught before in 2001 by Mike Long when it weighed 20-12lb. The fish has a mark on her lower right gill plate that made her easily identifiable and earned her the nickname “Dottie.” If that were the case, then this fish was also the same 25-01 fish that Mac Weakley later caught. Unfortunately, Weakley foul-hooked the giant while he was sight fishing with a white jig. Still, the thought of the same fish being caught 3 times over a span of years is very intriguing. However, in 2008, a park ranger found a bass floating dead on Lake Dixon that is believed to have been “Dottie.” At the time she was found, she weighed about 19 pounds.

15 YRS AGO: The headlines read, “Missouri Angler Wins $200,000 in $1 Million Bass Tournament — History’s Richest.” It’s June 20, 1998 and Randall Hutson of Washburn, Missouri, won first place and a record $200,000 in the Forrest Wood Open, the sixth tournament of the Wal-Mart FLW Tour held on the Connecticut River. The event featured a $1 million purse, supposedly the largest in fishing history at the time.

Hutson survived three rounds of elimination competition and 149 other top professional anglers en route to the Wal-Mart FLW Tour victory. Hutson competed in the final round of competition against Jim Moynagh, Jerry Williams, Mike McClelland, and Terry Bolton. Hutson landed five bass weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces, to take the top spot. Reports stated Hutson caught his winning stringer using a Lucky Strike French Fry and a 3-inch lizard.

staterecord20 YRS AGO: June 16, 1993 and a VanDam other than Kevin, brother Randy, was fishing smallmouth with Ron Perrine and Phil Smathers on Lake Erie when he hooked and landed the Ohio State Record SMB weighing 9.5 pounds, and measuring 23 1/2 inches. Randy was using a ½ ounce Rattle Snakie jigging spoon in a gold prism color when the big fish struck.  The fish came off a rocky shoal in 24 feet of water.

Oster_F&HLib30 YRS AGO: It’s hard to believe, but it’s now been 30 years since the Hunting & Fishing Library published Don Oster’s classic book, Largemouth Bass (ISBN-13: 9780865730052). June 1, 1983 is the officially listed publish date, and this book was one in a series of numerous fishing books, each sent to your door every few months, similar to the old “Time Life” Series of books for those old enough to remember. Pay for the ones you want, return the rest during your free 10-day trial period. I received my original version in the mail about this time, and would go on to purchase a total of 12 different fishing related books in the series.

crews_john35 YRS AGO: Let’s celebrate a birthday. June 11, 1978 is the birth date of Elite Series pro John Crews, who has one win, along with 16 Top-10 finishes. His B.A.S.S. earnings to date is listed as $834,977.31. John is from Salem, VA. and is also the president and owner of Missile Baits, who also have Ish Monroe and Chad Morgenthaler on their pro staff roster.

Dave_Zimmerlee140 YRS AGO: June 23, 1973, and Dave Zimmerlee really begins the California big bass gold rush by catching a 20-15 largemouth bass from Miramar, Lake. The largemouth is reported as the first certified 20-pounder since George Perry’s catching of the world record 22-04 largemouth bass, which coincidently was also taken in June; June 2, 1932 to be exact, 81 years ago.