The Crew

The Bass Fishing Archives crew consists of writers, Terry Battisti, Pete Robbins and Brian Waldman.  Between the three of them, they’ve written for nearly every bass publication and hold the history of the sport in high regard. In fact, when the three of them get together, most conversations revert to “the old days” of Ambassadeur 5000Cs, the ever-lauded Helicopter lure and cat-gut lines.

Their love for the sport has prompted them to create this site – a place where anyone can go to relive and remember how the sport has grown and what we did 20, 30 or even 40 years ago.

Pete considered majoring in history in college, but found the workload to be too rigorous. Instead, he  pursued basket weaving, which led directly to law school. He hoards fishing tackle, books/magazines and obscure memories, which makes Bass Fishing Archives a perfect storm of all of his obsessions. He also writes for publications including Bassmaster, FLW, Inside Line and Inside Pro Bass.

When not sitting in front of a computer or conducting an interview, Pete occasionally gets out on the water — the Potomac River is closest to home, but other favorites include the California Delta, Falcon Lake and Guntersville. He has never been to Swamp Gas Corners.

Terry, unlike Pete, knew he wanted to major in fishing at the ripe old age of four. He spent most of his formative years tormenting bass and trout at the parks and golf courses close to his home and at the local southern California Lakes. At the age of 14 he landed his dream job working at a local tackle shop. Unfortunately, his parents didn’t find fishing to be a good career choice and after high school he was forced to go to college in order to obtain a job where he could afford his hobby – bass fishing.

Undergraduate and graduate school passed, he landed his first job working with Homer Simpson at the local nuke plant when one day, in a doughnut-induced coma, he had a vision – to write about bass fishing. This vision has led Terry to write for a number of publications which include In-Fisherman, BassFan and Inside Line, to name a few.

Fortunately, he still gets to wet a line from time to time and chase the fish he considers sacred. His favorite waters include the California Delta, Lake Powell and Lake Erie.

Brian was born near Chicago, IL, but his parents moved him at the tender age of 5 to the bass-rich waters of Indiana. Here he honed his fishing skills on some of the best equipment of the day, starting with a cheap cane pole but quickly progressing up to Zebco 202s. As a teenager, he decided he’d become a pro bass angler, but his name is still absent from the current list of Elite Series pros some 3 decades later.

Professional aspirations aside, he still spends way too much time fishing, is starting to spend way too much time online reading and writing about fishing, and has a piscatorial library that rivals the amount of tackle sitting in his garage, which is really saying something.

Brian also owns the site, Big Indiana Bass, where he pens many articles on fishing in Indiana, Indiana fish studies and other geeky stuff related to fishing. He also writes geek-related stuff for Bass Parade.

Harold Sharp is, without a doubt, one of the biggest authorities in bass fishing. He held the position of B.A.S.S. Tournament Director through 1987 and now spends a lot of time helping us here at Bass Fishing Archives to, “get the story straight,” as it pertains to the early days of B.A.S.S. We here at Bass Fishing Archives are happy to have him with us and appreciate his in-depth analysis and memories of the past.

Me With BassStan Fagerstrom has probably thrown away more notes on bass fishing than the number of articles Terry, Pete and Brian combined have written on the subject. Fagerstrom started his writing career in 1946 shortly after he returned from the South Pacific Theater in World War II. Since then he’s been published in every magazine associated with bass fishing. We here at the Bass Fishing Archives are so thankful to have him on board to teach us all a thing or two from the past.