Daiwa: em-PHA’-sis on the wrong syl-LA’-ble


1975 Field & Stream Daiwa Ad

I was trying to figure out whether to ‘zig’ or to ‘zag’ with this piece.

The ZIG – One thing that has really surprised me as I search through old bass fishing magazine ads from the 70s has been the amount of sexual innuendo in them. Yes, nowadays we have that a bit with things like the Reaction Innovations product names and colors, and I even read some complaints from ICAST 2012 this year on the skimpy attire worn by some company support personnel, but it seems to have been much more rampant back in the 70ss. Perhaps it’s partly because of all the smoking and alcohol ads that all have a macho man/good looking girl in every piece, but even the wording went along for the ride back then. Rod/reel ads, motor ads, you name it – hot girl. The Daiwa ad in this piece from a 1975 Field & Stream Magazine is no exception. Look close and you’ll find a Daiwa reel advertisement in there somewhere. [Read more…]