A Picture and a Joke on Bo

Some of the Classic I contestants. Photo courtesy of Harold Sharp.

This may qualify as an interesting photo. Ray Scott invited all the first Classic contestants and three outdoor writers who were there to the 1995 Classic for a reunion. It was a great time to see all those faces again.

Looking at this picture, though, reminded me of a good story. As you know, each of the anglers at the early Classics were restricted by the weight of tackle they could bring. We made a huge deal of it by having a weigh-in for their tackle and if an angler was over in weight, Ray and I got to pick out anything we wanted until their tackle box made the weight limit. [Read more…]

1973 Bass Master Classic Preview – The Anglers

The January/February 1974 Issue of Bass Master Magazine not only had the tournament report for the ’73 Classic, it had a very in-depth look at the Classic contenders – the first time BASS Master had done this. Prior to Part Three of the 1973 Season at a Glance, I felt it best to publish this piece in order to give you more insight as to who fished and what they’d accomplished in the few short years B.A.S.S. had been around. Here are the anglers as they placed in AOY standings. All photos from the January/February 1974 Issue of BASS Master Magazine.


(1) Roland Martin (Tulsa, OK)

Roland for the third year in a row had taken the Bass Master AOY award. The only other angler at this time to have won an AOY was Bill Dance, who won it the first year it was inaugurated. Over the 72 and 73 seasons, Martin had been such a dominant player in the game that he’d beaten his opponents by more than a tournament’s worth of points by the end of the year. By this point he had also won seven titles and became only the third angler to win back-to-back events in a season.

His winnings had elevated him to the number-one spot in B.A.S.S. earnings ($36,235.20) and had placed in the money in 23 straight regular season events. All six of his finishes for the year were top-5 finishes. [Read more…]

1972 Bass Pro Shops Spring Sale

1972 Bass Pro Shops Spring Sale Ad. 1972 Mar/Apr issue Bass Master Magazine

I don’t know when you saw your first Bass Pro Shops catalog but for me it was in 1976. I got it from an authorized Bass Pro dealership in Roland Heights, CA called Angler’s West, if I’m not mistaken.

Anyway, looking through that 200-plus-page catalog just amazed me. They had everything a bass angler needed and more. Bass Tracker boats, Balsa Bs, Mustad 33637 worm hooks (by the 100 box), Mann’s Jelly worms (by the 100 bag), Uncle Bucks risqué little calendar, you name it.

Because of that 1976 main catalog, I always wanted to go to BPS Central in MO. Unfortunately, I was in California and it was in Missouri. Mom wasn’t going to take me there to drop my $20 worth of lunch money I saved weekly.

In 2008, though, I headed back to Mountain Home, AR to pick up my new Bass Cat and made it a point to stop by the “Original” Bass Pro Shops. By then I’d been to roughly 5 of the super stores but the one in Springfield was always on my bucket list. I wasn’t disappointed. The question here is, is the store shown in the ad the site of the current original BPS or did they change it?  Anyone know? [Read more…]