Tackle Box Evolution

Rebel Fish'N Box ad circa 1976.

Rebel Fish’N Box ad circa 1976.

Ask any pro on tour where they rate tackle organization in their daily fishing success and I guarantee each and every one of them will say it’s paramount to their success. Well organized tackle allows the angler to quickly find needed gear, it permits the angler know when they need to restock baits and it also makes it easy on the angler to sort seasonal gear and place it either in the boat or store for future use.

Look in any top pro or weekend angler’s boat or garage and you’ll find large numbers of single sided boxes filled with genres of baits. In fact, the single sided boxes we’ve been using since the early 80s actually act as filing systems much like any warehouse or hardware store uses bins for storage. It’s a system that’s hard to improve upon and probably why it hasn’t changed much over that period of time. [Read more…]