The Magnum Tacklebox

Plano Magnum tackle box ad featuring Bill Dance

Plano Magnum tackle box ad featuring Bill Dance

There is an interesting progression of development and popularity between bass anglers and their tackle management systems. Nowadays, soft packs and individual accessory boxes seem to dominate the boats of anglers everywhere. If you go way back in time, toward our early tournament beginnings, we were still using the old drawer boxes, or “suitcases” as some of them were affectionately known as. In between these two eras though saw the development of a hybrid system, known most frequently by the name that Plano assigned to the box, the Magnum. Fenwick also manufactured a similar box around that time. [Read more…]

The First Sealed Marine Battery

Notice the 'Absolyte Technology' mention on the batteries.

Notice the ‘Absolyte Technology’ mention on the batteries.

What’s the most important item on your bass boat? Trolling motor? Electronics? Big engine? Livewells? How about your batteries, because without battery power, none of the previously mentioned items work, and you’re pretty much not going fishing.

While it’s fun to focus on the tourneys, lures and personalities of the sport when discussing bass fishing’s history, there are other interesting stories about how the sport got where it is today. This is one such case – the story of the first sealed marine battery. Chances are you’ve used them quite a bit over the years in your own boat, but never really thought much about it. Here’s the scoop. [Read more…]