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April 1992 cover of Details magazine.

April 1992 cover of Details magazine.

[In past entries on the Bass Fishing Archives, we’ve discussed numerous articles from old fishing magazines, as well as some coverage of the sport outside of our usual orbit. For example, on two occasions we’ve examined Sports Illustrated’s treatment of bass fishing (click here and here) and we’ve also examined how the topic has been addressed in the New York Times. To date, though, we’ve dedicated little space to how and when publications that would seem to have nothing to do with bass fishing have covered angling. Obviously, magazines like Life and Time have on occasion chronicled the sport in general or certain aspects thereof, and we may cover those later, but today we’re going to look at an article from a periodical that you’d never expect to provide any space at all to competitive fishing – Details magazine.] [Read more…]

This Month In Bass Fishing History

The Dog Days of Summer. It’s that time again. Time to take a quick look back at what was happening in the sport of bass fishing this month, 15, 20, even 50 years ago. One mention of note will be that after 12 years of being a fall event, the Bassmaster Classic moved to the summer in 1983, so a lot of the history this month will be focusing on those particular events.

Denny Brauer flipping the heavy stuff.

Denny Brauer flipping the heavy stuff.

15 Yrs Ago – Aug. 6-8,1998: He just recently retired from the sport, but after 16 years of trying, Denny Brauer got his only Bassmaster Classic victory on High Rock L. Denny weighed in a final day 16-04 stringer doing exactly what Denny did best, flipping heavy cover. Denny would amass winnings of nearly $2.6 million on the B.A.S.S. trail from over 300 events entered in addition to another 200k from FLW Outdoors events, including this years EverStart Series win while in “retirement”. [Read more…]

Scorecard Snapshot – Learning Your ABCs Answer and Winner (May 13, 2013)



Congratulations to Jay Davis for winning this week’s trivia contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits! This makes his third and unfortunately final win. Read below for the answer.

Florida angler Tom Jurkewicz competed in 28 B.A.S.S. events between 1980 and 1992, making the money 15 times, including five Top 10 finishes. He also qualified for the 1982 and 1983 Bassmaster Classics, finishing 14th and 27th respectively.

His two best finishes were both runner ups, first on the Ohio River in July of 1982, then less than a half a year later closer to home on the Kissimmee Chain. [Read more…]

The Gray Lady Talks Bass

NYTLast May, we discussed coverage of tournament bass fishing in Sports Illustrated and linked to a few examples of that magazine’s profiles of the bass scene.

SI isn’t the only mainstream pub to publish pieces about our sport. Indeed, many of the biggest names in the publishing world have given ink to BASS, FLW and others.

Here are some examples from one of the most influential of all, the New York Times, the same newspaper to which the first President Bush mentioned that Bassmaster is his favorite magazine: [Read more…]

B.A.S.S.: More Than a Tournament Organization Part Two

Permission Ray Scott

Editor’s Note: This is Part Two of a two-part series on what B.A.S.S. stood for in the early days of the organization. In this part, Ray Scott talks about what he did to help fight pollution and bring safer boating to the industry. To read part one, click here.

Over the course of the last six months we’ve talked a lot about B.A.S.S. and the events held in the early 70s. We’ve also delved a little bit into the rules that Ray Scott implemented in his tournaments along with the horsepower race. What we haven’t really touched on, though, is what it meant to be a part of B.A.S.S. (with the periods and all their glory) and why everyone displayed, with pride, the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society’s sticker and patch. [Read more…]

Sports Illustrated’s Scientific Test

Sports Illustrated published a series of pieces on whether certain activities should be considered sports and in the March 19, 2001, issue, they addressed bass fishing:

Sport? Not A Sport?

This Week: Tournament Bass Fishing [Read more…]

Sports Illustrated Takes on Tournaments

From the beginning, Ray Scott, a carnival barker to the core, knew that in order to grow his fledgling B.A.S.S. organization he’d have to court traditional media. That meant inviting them to mystery lake Classics and finding other means of gaining their support.

Surprisingly, Sports Illustrated gave Scott’s crew a fair amount of support in the early years. In the pre-ESPN, pre-internet era, SI was everything, the final arbiter of what was legit and what was not. For the most part the magazine’s coverage of Ray’s brainchild was positive.

The first feature, entitled “A Big Bass Bash in Arkansas,” was published in 1969 and featured the following choice nuggets: [Read more…]