Bass Facts From Tom Mann

Tom Mann image from the Dec. 1974 Fishing Facts story.

Tom Mann image from the Dec. 1974 Fishing Facts story.

In the December 1974 issue of Fishing Facts magazine, Spence Petros was able to catch up with Tom Mann while he was in Chicago. Tom, of course, was the legendary force behind such baits as the Jelly Worm, the Little George, and the “Pig” line of crankbaits. According to his write-up in the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame, “Not content with just manufacturing fishing lures, while the owner of Mann’s Bait Company, he also founded and was the C.E.O. of Allied Sports Company, from 1969-1983. As the manufacturer of the “Humminbird Depth Sounder”, Allied Sports eventually became a stock company and was renamed Techsonic Industries: one of the largest selling depth sounder companies in the world. He also founded Southern Plastics, in 1977, a company that today is the world’s largest private brand supplier of soft plastic lures.”

Below are some of Spence’s questions paraphrased, with Tom’s answers excerpted from the interview. [Read more…]

Monday Trivia – Classic Contestants 1973

Rayo Breckenridge holds the Classic III trophy and one of his final day's fish as Bill Dance holds Breckenridge's check. Photo Bassmaster Magazine.

Rayo Breckenridge holds the Classic III trophy and one of his final day’s fish as Bill Dance holds Breckenridge’s check. Photo Bassmaster Magazine.

Back in the early days of the Bassmaster Classic, members of the press got personal invites to attend as writer-observers. In 1973 there were 50 members invited to the event held on Clark Hill Res. in South Carolina. One of those invited was Fishing Facts editor Spence Petros. Spence was to meet in New Orleans on October 22, and the following day he boarded a chartered jet where they flew off to the secret Classic location. After being up in the air for a while, Ray Scott opened a white envelope and announced the location from 30,000 feet. [Read more…]

Big Old Fish – Photos by Bob McNally

Al Lindner hoists his big fish from the 1977 Virginia Invitational on Lake Gaston.

Al Lindner hoists his big fish from the 1977 Virginia Invitational on Lake Gaston. The fish weighed 10-04. Photo by Bob McNally.

Recently, longtime fishing author and photographer, Bob McNally contacted us here at the Bass Fishing Archives and offered up some of his photographs from days gone by. Back in the day, Bob used to cover all the Classics and other events let alone have a byline in nearly every fishing magazine that’s ever been printed. That includes non-bass fishing print too.

We’ve posted a few of these pictures already here on the site (click here if you want to see the 1975 Currituck Sound Classic) and now it’s time for some more. [Read more…]

1975 Bassmaster Classic by Bob McNally

Harold Sharp (center) weighs Roger Moore's (behind Sharp) fish as Fishing Facts editor Spence Petros (left) looks on. Photo by Bob McNally.

Harold Sharp (center) weighs Roger Moore’s (behind Sharp) fish as Fishing Facts editor Spence Petros (left) looks on. Bassmaster Magazine editor Bob Cobb is in the right bottom corner. Photo by Bob McNally.

I recently received some photos from long-time outdoor writer, videographer and angler Bob McNally. Within the 20 or so photos he sent were five photographs taken at the 1975 Bassmaster Classic held at Currituck Sound, NC. We previously wrote about the 1975 Classic, in which rookie Bassmaster Tour angler Jack Hains won by six pounds over Marvin Baker. [Read more…]

Book Reviews: The ABC’s of Trolling With Spoonplugs

Carl Malz on the cover of his booklet, "The ABC's of Trolling With Spoonplugs."

Carl Malz on the cover of his booklet, “The ABC’s of Trolling With Spoonplugs.”

When you spend much time looking at and researching old bass fishing memorabilia and history, you quickly realize that there is just so much stuff out there, one couldn’t possibly collect it all. So in my case, I’ve decided to focus my collections largely on the period of time around the old Fishing Facts and In-Fisherman beginnings from the 60s and 70s, and the “revolution” that occurred in the Midwest.

Terry has been posting some information recently about the old Northwoods mail order company which was tied in with Fishing Facts magazine. This particular book was sold by Northwoods (Item No. SP-1, $1.95). There is no listed publishing date, but I’d have to put it around the mid 70s if I were to guess. It was written by Carl Malz, who was a managing editor for Fishing Facts back in the day. From what I’ve read, Carl (along with Spence Petros) was a member of the Lake Geneva Fishing Club, which was created around 1965. When Bill Binkelman started up his Fishing News magazine, he took an interest in Lake Geneva and started attending some of their club meetings. There he met Carl and Spence, and they became “reporters” for the magazine, and eventually editors. [Read more…]

The Thoughts of Roland Martin, 40 Years Ago

Roland Martin. Fishing Facts, December 1973.

Roland Martin. Fishing Facts, December 1973.

No doubt he’s one of the greatest bass anglers to have set foot in a boat. Was already recognized as one of the best 40 years ago, just 5 years into the new B.A.S.S. circuit, and still a formidable angler today, even. This weekend I was reading an interview he did while in Milwaukee back in 1973 with George Pazik and Spence Petros. I find it really interesting to see just what was already thought in terms of location and patterns that we still read and speak of, even accept, today, along with some of his thoughts on bass spawning and populations, subjects which are still debated to this day.

I’ve assembled a few excerpts from that interview on a variety of subjects covered to share with readers below. [Read more…]

Book Review – Lunkers Love Nightcrawlers

Lunkers Love Nightcrawlers, Fishing Facts magazine, 3rd printing, 1973.

Lunkers Love Nightcrawlers, Fishing Facts magazine, 3rd printing, 1973.

Okay, before you start throwing things at me for even mentioning the word “bait,” give me a second to explain something. In 1972 Fishing Facts magazine came out with the first printing of Lunkers Love Nightcrawlers – a book, by the look of the title, that was all about fishing the lowly nightcrawler. It was adapted from Bill Binkelman’s books, “Nightcrawler Secrets” and “Walleyes Love Nightcrawlers,” along with additional material supplied by a number of other experts – notably George Pazik, Jim Wrolstad, Don Woodruff, Ron Lindner, Spence Petros and Carl Malz.

If there was ever a book that the old adage, “never judge a book by its cover,” was made for, it was Lunkers Love Nightcrawlers. Yes, there was a lot contained within its binder that talked about how to grow your own nightcrawlers, how to choose a bait shop, how to fish them, how to store them, yada yada yada. What the cover hid from prospective readers was that this book was one of the first comprehensive dissertations on structure fishing. In fact, at the time there may not have been a better source of information on the subject that was contained in one volume. [Read more…]