Lew Childre – More Forward Thinking

1975 Lew's Speed Guide Ad.

1975 Lew’s Speed Guide Ad.

We’ve talked about Lew Childre and the effect he had on bass fishing – fishing in general really – here on the Bass Fishing Archives many times before. The first piece we posted back in the first weeks of this venture was on his development of Speed Gears. Then in April, 2012 we posted a piece on his revolutionary reel, the Speed Spool. Finally in May, 2012 we posted a piece on his “Speed Merchant” custom rods that never made it but still made an impression on the industry.

Lew Childre left a lasting impression on the industry and we have him to thank nearly 40 years after he first came on the scene. Which brings us to today’s subject, the ceramic guide. [Read more…]

Lew Childre – It’s All About Speed

Lew’s Speed Merchant ad. Note the company name, Lew Childre & Sanders – not Lew Childre & Sons. 1973 Bassmaster Magazine Fishing Annual.

I was reading through the 1973 Bass Master Fishing Annual and came across an article that piqued my interest about Lew Childre. Of course he’s primarily known for the Speed Spool but he also developed a line of rods, known as the Speed Stick, that was very popular in the 70s and 80s.

This article, though, was about a product I’d never seen in full – the Speed Stick concept. Evidently Lew’s mind never stopped working. He was dissatisfied with the way rods were built and the fact that custom rods took a long time to make. He also felt there had to be something better with respect to rod guides than the heavy carboloy, agate and stainless guides that were put on rods of the day. [Read more…]