Old Book Reviews: Fish Locators; Babe Winkelman

The cover; The Comprehensive Guide to Fish Locators

The cover; The Comprehensive Guide to Fish Locators

We’ve mentioned a few different books on this site before that dealt with electronics. This one is another, and falls under the heading of that ‘ONE’ book that helped me understand my electronics better. The full title was, “The Comprehensive Guide to Fish Locators” written by Babe Winkelman. Being from the Midwest, a lot of what we learned about bass fishing back in the early days came from those multi-species experts that seemed to be prevalent with the area, as opposed to the more ‘bass only’ culture that was developing south of the Mason-Dixon line . The book was published in 1985, contains 80 pages, and I’d swear came in a package that also included a cassette tape or two, though I can’t for the life of me verify that. I can tell you it was purchased from the sporting goods section of my local Sears store though. [Read more…]

Old Books: The Facts of Electronic Fishing – I

The Facts of Electronic Fishing - 1961

The Facts of Electronic Fishing – 1961

As a continuing follow-up to some of the history behind Lowrance and their early electronic units, and since Terry has been on me to post about the old Lowrance books that were published in the 1960s, today we’ll take a quick book review through the first in what became a small series of published documents, “The Facts of Electronic Fishing.”

I have an original first edition copy of that book which was published in 1961 (opening pic). The company (in 1961) was operating under the name ‘Lowrance Electronics Manufacturing Company,’ or LEMCO for short. At the time, they were still located in Joplin, Missouri. The book is approximately 124 pages long, and broken down into 5 chapters. They are as follows: [Read more…]

Don’t Pass The Buck

Buck Taylor's The Complete Guide to Using Depthfinders, Revised Edition 1985.

Buck Taylor’s, The Complete Guide to Using Depthfinders, Revised Edition 1985.

In 1981 I received a nice present from my mother for Christmas. It was probably one of the most useful presents I ever received and one that would shape my fishing for my entire life – in fact it still does so today. That present was the book you see in the opening picture of this article. It’s a book you may know, but only if you’ve been seriously using depthfinders for about 30 years or so.

A few months ago I saw the book for sale on Amazon and went to look for my copy. My luck wasn’t good as it’s located somewhere in my storage unit with who knows how many other books I want to write about. Anyway, a few weeks ago I ran across another copy on eBay and bought the thing. Last week it arrived and for the past few days I’ve been reacquainting myself with Buck Taylor and the wisdom he wrote between the covers of this unbelievable book. [Read more…]