Flippin’: A Concept. Not Just a Technique – Part Two

Dee Thomas congratulates Gary Klein on his first Bassmaster win at Lake Powell in 1979. Klein won the event flipping. Photo Bass Master Magazine July/August, 1979 Issue.

This is part two of a three-part series on the concept of flipping and the effect it had on the sport. In this installment, we talked with Gary Klein and Basil Bacon about their involvement with the early years of the technique. Click to read Part One and Part Three.


In part one of this piece, Dave Myers talked about the three factors that came together to form the concept of Flippin’. He also talked about how an angler could thoroughly pick apart a shoreline in half the time it’d take an angler using conventional methods.

For part two, I had the pleasure of interviewing two other anglers who took the ground rules developed by Thomas and added considerably to its foundation. Gary Klein and Basil Bacon both played pivotal roles in the progression of flipping and the way anglers approach shallow targets today

These two anglers not only helped flipping progress, they helped design new equipment, terminal tackle and baits to increase the effectiveness of the technique. [Read more…]