Rebel Deep Maxi-R: The Rise of Deep Cranking

The Deep Maxi-R once dominated deep cranking tournaments.

The Deep Maxi-R once dominated deep cranking tournaments.

Once upon a time there was no such thing as a Norman DD-22, a Poes 400 or a Mann’s 20+. There were Bombers (the old metal square bills), Mudbugs and Hellbenders. That was pretty much it in the world of deep cranking, and even those were almost as synonymous with trolling as with casting. Much of that changed though with some of the early deep diving “alphabet” plugs made by Rebel, and the “big daddy” of them all, the Rebel Maxi-R.

The original Maxi-R was actually a large square bill crankbait. At 3″ and nearly 7/8oz., it was a mouthful for the time. Rebel would later go on and put a large diving bill on many of their models, and the Deep Maxi-R was born. An even later version was the Double Deep Maxi-R, which featured a large ball bearing molded into the lip of the bait to help achieve a steeper diving angle and some extra weighting, this all at a time long before neutrally buoyant baits. These deep diving Maxi’s became the work horses of early deep crankbaiters and “structure” fishermen, and many bass tournaments were won fishing “deep” ledges, points and creek channels with these baits. [Read more…]

Monday Trivia – Tommy Martin Started Fast, Keeps on Going Answer and Winner (March 10, 2014)

Tommy Martin hoists the 1974 Bassmaster Classic trophy. Photo

Tommy Martin hoists the 1974 Bassmaster Classic trophy. Photo

Congratulations to Andy Williamson for winning this week’s trivia contest! For the answers read below.

As Terry has previously outlined, the 1974 Bassmaster Classic field was chock-full of anglers who became legends in the sport of bass fishing. Of the 29 competitors, though, only a few are still actively competing in tournaments for a living. Some, like Billy Westmorland, Rayo Breckenridge and Stan Sloan, have passed away. Others, including Johnny Morris, Al Lindner, Bill Dance and Bobby Murray, have pursued other opportunities in the industry. Meanwhile, even as relative contemporaries like Denny Brauer and George Cochran have retired, 40 years later Roland Martin, Rick Clunn and winner Tommy Martin keep on going strong. [Read more…]

Season at a Glance: 1974 BASS Master Trail – Part One

Billy Westmorland hols his trophy from the 1974 BASS Master Florida Invitational held on the St. Johns River. Photo 1974 BASS Master Magazine May/June Issue.

This is part one of a three-part series on the 1974 Bass Master Tournament trail. Part One will cover the first half of the season, Part Two will cover the second half and Part Three will cover the 1974 Bass Master Classic.

By the beginning of 1974 Ray Scott and gang had been conducting tournaments for seven years. In that time they’d held 39 national events, including three Classics, and had made household names out of anglers such as Bill Dance, Roland Martin and Bobby Murray – to name only a few.

The ’73 season started off with a record-breaking event at the St. Johns River in Florida. In order to capitalize on that momentum, the first event of the ’74 season would also be held on that now-famed waterway – in hopes of breaking more records. The list below shows the ’74 schedule as revealed in the January/February issue of BASS Master Magazine. [Read more…]