More Old Bass Boats from 1975

Venture Bass Boats 1975.

Venture Bass Boats 1975.

Roughly a year ago we posted a piece on the bass boats of 1975. In that piece we documented 15 boat manufacturers along with the Bassmaster Classic boat. As I get more magazines and books from that time period, though, I find that I’ve missed some of the ads and even manufacturers from that year. Therefore today’s feature is on those very ads that we didn’t cover.

There are only seven new ads to show and three of those were from manufacturers we already covered – Ranger, Rebel and Terry. Still, to be complete, we’ll talk about these newly found ads. With these ads, it brings the 1975 model year of bass boat manufacturers up to 19 – and I’m sure we’re still missing some. Compare that to today’s bass boat market and it’s a vast difference. There were a ton of companies out there back in the 70s making boats solely for bass fishing. [Read more…]

A Look Back at 2012 Part Two

1975 Bass Cat ad - the first to go in Bassmaster Magazine.

1975 Bass Cat ad – the first to go in Bassmaster Magazine.

Today’s look back will give you something to do for a while. Without a doubt, you readers like to check out the boats of the old days. Over the course of the last year we’ve been chronicling the history of the bass boat through old ads in magazines. Here are the links to those pieces. Enjoy!

Old Boat Ads – 1970

Old Boat Ads – 1971

Old Boat Ads – 1972

Build Your Own Bass Boat 70s Style

Old Boat Ads – Bass Cat




Bass Master Classic I – A Little Snow and a Broken Rebel

As many know, the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society was founded shortly after the 1967 Beaver Lake Invitational. By 1970, the organization had been around for three years and the newness was quickly wearing off and membership was slowing down. With the need to continue the growth of the “Society,” Ray (Scott) and Bob Cobb came up with the idea to hold what would be the world championship of bass fishing and hopefully get the press talking about B.A.S.S. The idea was to hold a tournament with only the best anglers taken from the year’s standings and have them fish for a winner-takes-all purse.

In order to add a bit of mystery to the event, it was decided that the event locale wouldn’t be divulged until the last minute, when all qualified anglers were held captive. There would also be members of the press invited to the event to not only write about it but to fish with the pros each day. [Read more…]