The Roots of Quantum

Look familiar?

Look familiar?

You know the names: KVD, Biffle, Grigsby, Klein, Hackney, Rojas, Swindle…there are several more. They all fish for Team Quantum, but would you recognize their first line of baitcasters if you saw them? Or could you even guess when they were introduced? Here’s what we’ve gathered on the topic. [Read more…]

Scorecard Snapshot – Back to Back, New Bait Answer and Winner


Congrats to Scott McGehee for winning this week’s trivia contest! Although he didn’t guess the extra credit question, he still walks away with a $20 e-coupon from Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. For the answer, read below.

In 1996, Mike McClelland wasn’t the household name that he is in fishing circles today. He was, in the words of Bassmaster writer Tim Tucker, “better known as a 28-year-old wallpaper contractor than an aspiring bass pro fishing just his sixth B.A.S.S. event.”

He quickly established himself that year as a young pro to watch by winning back-to-back Central Invitationals.

The first came on the Arkansas River(out of Pine Bluff) in his home state that October. It was a brutally tough event – in a field of 330, 23 anglers, including stalwarts like Rick Clunn, Paul Elias and Lonnie Stanley, failed to bring a bass to the scales. It took just over 4 pounds a day to get a check. Meanwhile, McClelland weighed 25-02 to beat veteran Tommy Martin by 1 pound, 11 ounces. Martin would have won if he’d been able to weigh all of his fish, but he was 30 minutes late on Day One because he failed to lock back through in time. His 9-03 catch for that day was therefore erased. [Read more…]

Breaking Though – OT Fears


“Breaking Through” is an occasional series on BFA in which long-time professional bass anglers recount the details of their first major win – how they accomplished the victory and how it impacted their careers. This entry chronicles the 25th anniversary of the first major victory for Oklahoma pro OT Fears III, with present-day input from Fears.


While the Red Man All-American tournament (known today as the BFL All-American) is now an established national level tournament, in 1987 it was still a relatively new enterprise. One thing about it, though – despite having first been held in 1983, it was a potential kingmaker, as the $100,000 top prize was double what was awarded to that year’s Bassmaster Classic champion. [Read more…]