The Magnum Tacklebox

Plano Magnum tackle box ad featuring Bill Dance

Plano Magnum tackle box ad featuring Bill Dance

There is an interesting progression of development and popularity between bass anglers and their tackle management systems. Nowadays, soft packs and individual accessory boxes seem to dominate the boats of anglers everywhere. If you go way back in time, toward our early tournament beginnings, we were still using the old drawer boxes, or “suitcases” as some of them were affectionately known as. In between these two eras though saw the development of a hybrid system, known most frequently by the name that Plano assigned to the box, the Magnum. Fenwick also manufactured a similar box around that time. [Read more…]

Tackle Box Evolution

Rebel Fish'N Box ad circa 1976.

Rebel Fish’N Box ad circa 1976.

Ask any pro on tour where they rate tackle organization in their daily fishing success and I guarantee each and every one of them will say it’s paramount to their success. Well organized tackle allows the angler to quickly find needed gear, it permits the angler know when they need to restock baits and it also makes it easy on the angler to sort seasonal gear and place it either in the boat or store for future use.

Look in any top pro or weekend angler’s boat or garage and you’ll find large numbers of single sided boxes filled with genres of baits. In fact, the single sided boxes we’ve been using since the early 80s actually act as filing systems much like any warehouse or hardware store uses bins for storage. It’s a system that’s hard to improve upon and probably why it hasn’t changed much over that period of time. [Read more…]

This Month in Bass Fishing History – May 2013

KS_20085 YRS AGO: While fishing a tournament at a strip pit in Cherokee County on May 3, Tyson Hallam, 14, caught the new Kansas state largemouth bass, weighing 11 pounds, 12.8 ounces. The certified fish edged the 31-year-old state record of 11 pounds, 12 ounces caught in 1977.

Hey, we’re just getting started… [Read more…]

World’s First Soft Tackle Management System?

April 1987 Field & Stream Article snippet

April 1987 Field & Stream Article snippet

OK, perhaps not the world’s first, as that might be hard to determine, but it’s certainly the earliest mention of such a tackle bag I’ve found in traditional bassin’ style magazines. First though, the context. [Read more…]

New Products 1976

New Products from the Fall 1976 Western Bass Magazine

Reading the Fall 1976 issue of Western Bass Magazine I came across the “New Products” section and found some interesting stuff – historically speaking. First off, look at the left page, upper center. You see one of the first glimpses of the Original Scrounger – the bait that Aaron Martens brought back to life a few years ago. These things were awesome when it came to fishing the saltwater back bays and they even worked for bass. The only problem with them back then, and it was a big problem, was the hooks really stunk. Heavy-wire cadmium-plated hooks that were short-shanked and narrow gaped. Not the best quality in a bass hook. [Read more…]