Bobby Murray – The Late ‘60s and Early ‘70s

Bobby Murray holds up three pigs he caught in the late '60s. Photo/Video Bobby Murray.

Bobby Murray holds up three pigs he caught in the late ’60s. Photo/Video Bobby Murray.

This is a special video. It’s not often you get to see video of the first days of competitive bass fishing – and I mean the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Yeah, there’s coverage on the website of the 1971 Classic – and it’s an amazing look back in time – but how many of you have seen video from 1968, 1969 and even 1970? Well, today, thanks to Bobby Murray and Carlisle Tire, we have something special to share with you.

Bobby Murray was kind enough to invite Mike Quinn of Carlisle Tire to his house in Arkansas to talk the old days of competitive bass fishing. During that visit Bobby showed Mike some old 8mm film footage of some early Bassmasterr events. Quinn, with the permission of Murray, had the film digitized and ran it in the Carlisle Tire booth at the Hartwell Classic just a week ago. [Read more…]

Spreading a Little Christmas Cheer – V

76 BPS Xmass 8We’re going to end the year with one last look at the 1976 Bass Pro Shops Christmas catalog. This time we’re looking at a Bass Pro deal on a box of worms I’d gladly pay quadruple for right now. Not for historical reasons but because they worked.

In the gift package they offer 60 6-inch worms, 24 3-inch grubs, a yellow Bass Pro worm box and a gift card – not sure what the gift card was but it didn’t cost anything. All this for the cost of $12.99.

Like I said, if offered today I’d pay $50 for the gift pack, throw away that gaudy, heat warping yellow box, sell the 3-inch grubs on eBay and place the worms in a newer 3700-style box for my use. [Read more…]