Tackle Companies Through Patches

A Bagley's Better Baits patch circa 1970s.

A Bagley’s Better Baits patch circa 1970s.

There are times in your life you do stupid things for one reason or another. Maybe it’s no fear of death, maybe it’s disregard. On the other hand, it could be due to ignorance, or, in this case, pride. I say pride because that’s what kept me from collecting patches as a youth unless I earned the patch. For example, the only patches I had in my possession, until about three years ago, were the ones I’d received for fishing tournaments. It’s not like I didn’t have the chance, heck, I worked at a tackle shop through all of my youth and young adulthood, and had ample opportunity to collect – I just never did.

The reason for that was twofold. One, even back in the ‘70s I thought the patch vest and jumpsuit was kind of goofy. Secondly, one of the anglers I looked up to the most said you don’t wear patches unless someone is paying you. [Read more…]