BassTronics Pro-Guide

BassTronics Pro-Guide circa 1983.

Here’s a good one for you. I was scanning through a 1983 Western Bass magazine the other day and came across this little diddy. The BassTronics Pro-Guide. Just enter the daily conditions into the unit and it’ll tell you what Roland and Bill would use if they were on your lake.

The Pro-Guide would consider weather conditions like wind, sun and rain along with moon phase, water clarity and even cover or structure. Enter the data in the unit and it’d not only give you the lure they’d use but the color, size and retrieve they’d use with it.

It’d be a pretty amazing tool if it worked but even if it did work, wouldn’t it take the fun out of fshing? I mean, my enjoyment out of fishing comes from figuring the puzzle out on my own – not having someone tell me the answers. [Read more…]

1972 Bass Pro Shops Spring Sale

1972 Bass Pro Shops Spring Sale Ad. 1972 Mar/Apr issue Bass Master Magazine

I don’t know when you saw your first Bass Pro Shops catalog but for me it was in 1976. I got it from an authorized Bass Pro dealership in Roland Heights, CA called Angler’s West, if I’m not mistaken.

Anyway, looking through that 200-plus-page catalog just amazed me. They had everything a bass angler needed and more. Bass Tracker boats, Balsa Bs, Mustad 33637 worm hooks (by the 100 box), Mann’s Jelly worms (by the 100 bag), Uncle Bucks risqué little calendar, you name it.

Because of that 1976 main catalog, I always wanted to go to BPS Central in MO. Unfortunately, I was in California and it was in Missouri. Mom wasn’t going to take me there to drop my $20 worth of lunch money I saved weekly.

In 2008, though, I headed back to Mountain Home, AR to pick up my new Bass Cat and made it a point to stop by the “Original” Bass Pro Shops. By then I’d been to roughly 5 of the super stores but the one in Springfield was always on my bucket list. I wasn’t disappointed. The question here is, is the store shown in the ad the site of the current original BPS or did they change it?  Anyone know? [Read more…]

Trolling Motors of the Past – Part Three

Although there are still anglers who prefer the hand-steered trolling motor on the front of their bass boat (why I don’t know) foot-controlled motors have become the norm on nearly all bass boats. The reason for this is obvious. The foot pedal frees your hands to do what they were intended to do – fish.

In the early 60s, G. H. Harris of Mississippi decided he wanted to fish more than steer his troller. Well versed in the field of electronics, he fashioned the first foot-controlled trolling motor and called it the Guide-Rite. Harris then struck a deal with Herschede Hall Clock Company to make and distribute the new trolling motor.

Then in the late 60s, the name of the motor was changed to MotorGuide and has become one of only two main brands of trolling motors available today. [Read more…]

Flip What?

1970 Flip Tail advertisement.

Here’s a great old ad from a great old company that was just recently resurrected from the halls of bass fishing. Before the last year, you only knew of FLIPTAIL if you bass fished 30 or 40 years ago or found an old tackle box in your grand-dad’s garage. [Read more…]