For Mann’s, Plenty of Hits But a Few (More) Misses, Too

Mann's Bait Company ad circa 1983.

Mann’s Bait Company ad circa 1983.

A major league baseball player who gets a hit in three out of every ten at bats has a reasonable chance of going to the Hall of Fame. In that regard, maybe we’re too hard on lure designers. Here on Bass Fishing Archives, we might be a little too tough on those who’ve produced short-lived products. In just a few years of existence we’ve cataloged a litany of products that didn’t catch on, generally because they were ill-conceived or didn’t meet a specific need. Frankly, it’s a sport that never grows old, and for which we’ll likely never run out of material. [Read more…]

More Mail Order – Dixie Tackle and Supply

1977 Dixie Tackle and Supply ad.

1977 Dixie Tackle and Supply ad.

Over the last couple weeks we’ve been posting some stories on the National Bass Association’s magazine “The National Bassman.” Today we continue that trend with another NBA ad, this time placed by Dixie Tackle and Supply.

I did a quick internet search to see if DTS was still in business and came up zero. That’s kind of expected in this day of big-box tackle stores and internet shops but it was worth a try. Still I was hopeful that their magazine advertising had brought them enough business to make a name that would keep them afloat all these years. I guess it was a fruitless hope. [Read more…]

Season at a Glance: 1975 Bassmaster Trail – Part Two

Woo Daves wins the 1975 Virginia Invitational at Kerr. Rendering Sept/Oct 1975 Issue of Bassmaster Magazine

Woo Daves wins the 1975 Virginia Invitational at Kerr. Rendering Sept/Oct 1975 Issue of Bassmaster Magazine

This is part two of a three-part series on the 1975 Bassmaster tournament trail. To read part one, click here.

With the season half over anglers were starting to jockey for the 24 spots allocated for the 1975 Bassmaster Classic. Already in the event were Billy Westmorland, Marvin Baker and Dee Thomas for wining the Florida, Louisiana and Arkansas Invitationals respectively.

At this point, Jack Hains had a pretty commanding lead for AOY with 126 points. In second place was Ricky Green with 104 points and Bill Dance brought up the third spot with 99 points.

The difficulty with determining points other than from Bassmaster Magazine is the way the fly-rod only events were counted. It’s difficult to determine from Bassmaster whether or not they gave 15 points to each angler or if the only gave points to 15 anglers – 15 points for 1st, 14 for 2nd and so on. Therefore, points in Part One of this article may be a little scewed. Thankfully Bassmaster lists the top 50 in the AOY points race after the South Carolina Invitational – which will be shown later. [Read more…]