For Mann’s, Plenty of Hits But a Few (More) Misses, Too

Mann's Bait Company ad circa 1983.

Mann’s Bait Company ad circa 1983.

A major league baseball player who gets a hit in three out of every ten at bats has a reasonable chance of going to the Hall of Fame. In that regard, maybe we’re too hard on lure designers. Here on Bass Fishing Archives, we might be a little too tough on those who’ve produced short-lived products. In just a few years of existence we’ve cataloged a litany of products that didn’t catch on, generally because they were ill-conceived or didn’t meet a specific need. Frankly, it’s a sport that never grows old, and for which we’ll likely never run out of material. [Read more…]

Success is Coupled with Many Failures

Tom Mann's Hardworm, circa 1984.

Tom Mann’s Hardworm, circa 1984.

Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” That quote means a lot coming from a man who many consider one of the fathers of the industrial revolution.

In the course of fishing tackle history, there have been hundreds if not thousands of bait makers who have burned out like meteors. There are also a few names that survive as legends of the sport. James Heddon, Bill Norman, Bill Lewis, Charles Spence to name a few. In that list of legendary bait makers is an Alabama man named Tom Mann. [Read more…]