Technology in Overdrive – the GPS Revolution

Photo 1991 Bass Master Magazine – article by Matt Vincent

Next weekend, when you pull up on a brush pile on your favorite reservoir, or head out into the middle of the Great Lakes to relocate an isolated couple of rocks, remember that it wasn’t always this easy. The GPS that we take for granted today wasn’t available years ago – we’re not talking the 1950s and 1960s, but rather as recently as the early 1990s. Indeed, as a February 1991 Bassmaster article by Matt Vincent pointed out, “the long-awaited Global Positioning System (GPS)….(is) expected to become fully operational this year…”

If this new technology worked as advertised, there would be no more triangulating of landmarks to find offshore structure and cover, no guesswork or long hours of idling looking for irregularities. The console-mounted compass would become a thing of the past. GPS would be a game-changer. [Read more…]