The Lonely One – Rabble Rouser

Rabble Rouser Lures ad circa 1976.

Rabble Rouser Lures ad circa 1976.

A couple weeks ago Brian wrote a piece on the Lil’ Tubby crankbait produced by Tubby Tackle Inc and there was a lot of comments about the bait and others. One of those other companies mentioned was Rabble Rouser Lures.

There isn’t much written about the history of Rabble Rouser Lures of Fort Smith, AR, but I bet you sure remember the baits themselves. The old cliché, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” sure fits in more than one way when it comes to Rabble Rouser lures. An uglier lure there never was and their construction appeared shotty also. [Read more…]

The Lil’ Tubby – Hybrid Crankbait

A 1970s Li'l Tubby ad by Tubby Tackle, Inc.

A 1970s Li’l Tubby ad by Tubby Tackle, Inc.

It’s a crankbait. It’s a soft plastic bait. No, it’s…another of my favorite baits growing up that I never caught a fish on – LOL. We all have had some baits over the years that for whatever reason really caught our attention, and that we ultimately bought. Several of them probably ended up not getting thrown or simply weren’t great fish catchers for us. Add the Li’l Tubby crankbait to that category for me. [Read more…]