Stephen Browning – Wild Rules

Stephen Browning may be an exceptional angler but he's also a survivor.

Stephen Browning may be an exceptional angler but he’s also a survivor.

I know this is a fishing site but this is a story I’ve wanted to do for a long time – one that actually involves fishing in a couple ways. I’m not sure if you remember back to the year 2003 when ESPN ran the “Survivor-type” wilderness show Wild Rules. The show only lasted one season – when for former owner of BASS was testing the waters with outdoors-style shows. [Read more…]

The Ryobi V Spool


An ad for the popular Ryobi V-Mag 4 reel featuring their innovative V spool design.

We’ve discussed the many innovations that Lew’s is credited with in bringing to market its Speed Spool line of reels. Terry has covered many of them HERE for those that want to reflect back. One thing that didn’t really get touched upon though was the creation of the V-spool design. [Read more…]

Gearin’ Up

Lew’s Speed Spool Gear Kit. Circa 1974

Today’s bass anglers take a lot for granted. One example is retrieve ratios for the reels we use. Any reel we buy today generally has a number of different retrieve ratios available from a “slow” 5:1 to the “high-speed” 7:1. But what about the days when we were stuck with retrieve ratios that barely reached 4:1? For example, in the day, the ABU 5000 (the old red one folks) was state-of-the-art. It featured two brass bushings (not bearings), a free-spool mechanism (not a knuckle buster), and a hefty 3.75:1 gear ratio!

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