Your Legacy Will Live On Harold

Harold Sharp B.A.S.S. Tournament Director 1970 to 1986.

Harold Sharp B.A.S.S. Tournament Director 1970 to 1986.

Without fail, it seems every year one of bass fishing’s forefathers passes to the great lake in the sky and the sport is left with a gaping hole. In 2012 we lost Homer Circle and in 2013, Doug Hannon. In January of this year we lost lure giant Cotton Cordell and I was hoping that would be it – there just aren’t many of the old-timers left – and from my selfish perspective, they have so much to offer with respect to the history of our beloved sport.

Then last week, we lost a man who helped change the sport of bass fishing to make it what it is today. That man was Harold Sharp. Yes, Ray Scott gets the credit for starting the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society – that fact will never be argued. And, Ray started the sport the right way, by making sure there was a firm set of rules and that every angler adhered to them. But it was Harold Sharp who, along with Ray Scott, wrote the B.A.S.S. rules, regulations and bylaws, started the B.A.S.S. Chapter (what would eventually become The Federation/Nation) and started the Chattanooga Bass Club – all in the same night. (if you’d like to read the story, click on this link from one of Harold’s columns back from March, 2013) [Read more…]

Memories of an Original Tournament Brat – Joey Breckenridge

Rayo Breckenridge and his wife Marilyn. Photo courtesy of Joey Breckenridge.

Rayo Breckenridge and his wife Marilyn. Photo courtesy of Joey Breckenridge.

We’ve covered a lot of of stories about the original tournament anglers here on the Bass Fishing Archives – a list too long to even think of listing. What we haven’t covered are the kids who travelled with them, or as the subject of this piece referred to them, the original tournament brats. Today’s subject is about the memories of one such kid, dragged to bass tournaments during his formative years and getting to hang with people like Ray Scott, Tom Mann and Bob Cobb.

A lot of today’s anglers do them same. Prior to an event, campgrounds fill with families, many of which have small children. What may look like your tyical family outting is far from it. Mothers are preparing school lessons or booking the next seminar engagement for their husbands and the men are either out on the lake working or at the campground preparing for their work the next day. The kids? Well, they’re either studying or just being kids. [Read more…]

Rayo Breckenridge – Classic III Champion

Rayo Breckenridge. Photo courtesy of Joey Breckenridge.

For those of you who remember Classic III winner Rayo Breckenridge, you might be interested in knowing that his son Joey has put together a fan page on Facebook. Joey will be uploading old pictures and memorabilia on the page from time to time showing the life of a BASS Master in the early days of the sport.

Just a month or so ago Rayo was inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame. Rayo was not only an early BASS Master competitor but also host of his TV show, “Rayo Breckenridge Outdoors.” [Read more…]