Monday Trivia – Lillegard Wins Again Answer and Winner (Dec 8, 2014)

Rick Lillegard. Photo

Rick Lillegard. Photo

Well, again we have no winner for this week’s trivia contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits! Are we making it too difficult? Well, maybe next week we’ll make it a little easier. For the answers to this week’s contest, please read below.

The 1997 New York Eastern Invitational on the St. Lawrence River was the second of Rick Lillegard’s two Bassmaster wins. A little less than two years earlier, he’d won the Maryland Eastern Invitational on the Potomac by a massive 11 pound 7 ounce margin over second-place finisher Pete Gluszek. In New York, the gap wasn’t quite that large, but he still managed to beat runner up Clark Wendlandt by more than four pounds.

The tournament was only 17 years ago, but while many of the anglers in the field still fish at the highest levels, the only member of the top 10 who fished in Elite Series competition is South Carolina’s Ray Sedgwick, who last fished the Elites in 2008. [Read more…]

This Month in Bass Fishing History – September 2014

In 2009 Gary Dobyns won the 2009 US Open on Lake Mead.

In 2009 Gary Dobyns won the 2009 US Open on Lake Mead.

Let’s return to this great concept that Brian started up. Another month, another quick look at the anniversaries of major events:

5 YEARS AGO: Western legend Gary Dobyns won the US Open for the first time at age 50, beating 2014 winner (and now three-time champion) Clifford Pirch by over 3 pounds to take the title after numerous near misses. According to the BassFan report of the event, Dobyns battled nausea and dehydration to take the brass ring with a total catch of 32.91 pounds over three days. His primary tools were a Gary Yamamoto Hula Grub, a Lucky Craft DBS4 and a Lucky Craft Gunfish 95. The boat included as part of the prize package was the 40th that he’d won in competition. [Read more…]

Iaconelli – The 2006 Classic

Mike Iaconelli being interviewed about his 2006 Classic incident at ICAST 2014.

Mike Iaconelli being interviewed about his 2006 Classic incident at ICAST 2014.

Controversy seems to follow Mike Iaconelli no matter where he goes. His 2003 Classic celebration on the front deck of his boat was met with divided support – some understood the feeling he must have had knowing he’d accomplished his goal of a Classic win, while others thought it was showboating. In fact, the 2003 Classic was really the first time we got a view of IKE.

Prior to that 2003 win, he almost quit the competitive world of bass fishing. But that Classic win not only reinvigorated his confidence that he could fish at the top level, it brought him into the spotlight. No longer would he be considered a Federation angler who fished the tour – he would be seen as a competitor – and a colorful character. Television crews loved him because you never knew what outlandish thing he would do next. [Read more…]

The Gray Lady Talks Bass

NYTLast May, we discussed coverage of tournament bass fishing in Sports Illustrated and linked to a few examples of that magazine’s profiles of the bass scene.

SI isn’t the only mainstream pub to publish pieces about our sport. Indeed, many of the biggest names in the publishing world have given ink to BASS, FLW and others.

Here are some examples from one of the most influential of all, the New York Times, the same newspaper to which the first President Bush mentioned that Bassmaster is his favorite magazine: [Read more…]

Scorecard Snapshot – Humble Beginnings Answer and Winner


Congrats to Jack M for giving the correct answer to the trivia contest this week!  Read below for the answer.

The May 1994 North Carolina Bassmaster Top 100 on Lake Norman marked the lone win in Mike Bingham’s B.A.S.S. career. It didn’t come easily to the Jackson, Mississippi pro, either. He’d been financing his fishing career by working as a mussel diver on Kentucky Lake, and had sold his boat earlier in the year when he’d determined that professional angling was a dead end. With a sudden change of heart, he got a boat at the last minute for Norman. According to Bassmaster, he’d planned to camp for the tournament but ended up rooming with a charitable Shaw Grigsby. [Read more…]

Scorecard Snapshot – The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

Photo courtesy of

A Kevin VanDam victory is hardly an anomaly of the “man bites dog” variety. He’s earned 20 of them with BASS over the past two-plus decades, so the fourth of them, in the 1997 Virginia Invitational at Buggs Island, might seem unremarkable.

Indeed, it was a classic form of KVD domination. With 41-15, he outlasted second place finisher Wesley Kemper by an even 10 pounds. No one else even cracked the 30 pound mark, and the also-rans included a who’s-who of tour-level pros and top local sticks.

To earn the victory, though, Kevin would have to cross paths with one of his future nemeses.

Do you remember what happened? [Read more…]