Hubert Greene’s Coveralls – 1967 to 1972

Hubert Greene's Coveralls. Courtesy of the Greene family.

Hubert Greene’s Coveralls. Courtesy of the Greene family.

As mentioned by Brian earlier this week, I’ll be doing a piece on Greene Boat and Motor and their effect of the sport of bass fishing in the near future. A few weeks ago, though, I had the opportunity to spend the day talking with Rose (Hubert’s wife) and Andy (their son) about the company and the history behind it.

While there, though, I had the chance to view something else of historic value in the industry – Hubert’s coveralls. As with many coveralls of the day, this one is no different, it’s covered with patches from tournaments fished and companies represented. The earliest event patches are from 1967 and go through some events in the early ‘90s. We’ll concentrate on 1967 to 1972 or this piece as there are too many patches to cover at once. Some of these events, in fact seven out of the 11 shown, are not from B.A.S.S., which I found quite curious. For example, the 1967 World Series of Sport Fishing patch, an event put on by Hy Peskin, in which Dwight Keefer won as a teenager. Another is a patch from 1969, the World Invitational Bass Tournament held on Lake Texoma, which I presume was put on by Project Sports Inc. I say this because PSI also had another World Invitational they put on in 1971, lake unknown. [Read more…]

More Tournament Associations – American Angler

American Angler Cover Winter 1978Competitive bass fishing has a history that dates back to 1955 when a group of anglers in Texas started the Texas State Bass Tournament. Not long after that in 1960 Hy Peskin started his World Series of Sportfishing which took state champions from all over the east through the Midwest and pitted them against each other in an international championship event. The problem with this event was the rules were always a moving target and the anglers could weigh in essentially any fish, as long as they had fins – although black bass took more points than the other creatures.

Then in 1967 a man by the name of Ray Scott changed all of that. Rained out of a day’s fishing one day he sat in his hotel and envisioned bass fishing being a sport much like bowling or golf – a professional sport where anglers could become stars and make a living by casting and catching bass. By 1968 the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society was born. [Read more…]

MO Sticks of the Past – Dwight Keefer

Dwight Keefer holding a nice largemouth. Photo Dwight Keefer.

The name Dwight Keefer may not be a household name amongst today’s fishing crowd but in the mid-60s and throughout the 1970s, the name was taken seriously amongst anyone who ventured into the realm of tournament fishing. Having won the Kansas Open Fishing Tournament in September 1967 gave him the opportunity to fish the 1967 World Series of Sport Fishing Championship held one month later in Wisconsin on Long Lake. Keefer ended up winning that event hands down – as a college sophomore.

After his wins, Keefer went on to finish college and become a sales rep for the Shakespeare Corporation – balancing competitive fishing with his sales job. In 1972 he fished two BASS events and qualified for the second BASS Master Classic held on Percy Priest Reservoir in Tennessee.

The following story is about Dwight Keefer, his early days of competitive fishing and his use of Midwest finesse tactics at a time when if you didn’t throw 20-pound string, you were considered a fool. [Read more…]