Rebel Deep Maxi-R: The Rise of Deep Cranking

The Deep Maxi-R once dominated deep cranking tournaments.

The Deep Maxi-R once dominated deep cranking tournaments.

Once upon a time there was no such thing as a Norman DD-22, a Poes 400 or a Mann’s 20+. There were Bombers (the old metal square bills), Mudbugs and Hellbenders. That was pretty much it in the world of deep cranking, and even those were almost as synonymous with trolling as with casting. Much of that changed though with some of the early deep diving “alphabet” plugs made by Rebel, and the “big daddy” of them all, the Rebel Maxi-R.

The original Maxi-R was actually a large square bill crankbait. At 3″ and nearly 7/8oz., it was a mouthful for the time. Rebel would later go on and put a large diving bill on many of their models, and the Deep Maxi-R was born. An even later version was the Double Deep Maxi-R, which featured a large ball bearing molded into the lip of the bait to help achieve a steeper diving angle and some extra weighting, this all at a time long before neutrally buoyant baits. These deep diving Maxi’s became the work horses of early deep crankbaiters and “structure” fishermen, and many bass tournaments were won fishing “deep” ledges, points and creek channels with these baits. [Read more…]

Is There Really Anything New in Bass Fishing?

Whopper Stopper Ad circa 1976.

As usual, I was cruising an old magazine the other day and this ad caught my eye. Every old-time basser at least remembers the old Whopper Stopper company (now owned by Pradco) and probably had their arm worn out from throwing the Hellbender – what a great bait that was. What originally made me stop, though, was the Bayou Boogie, a bait we’d today call a vibration bait, or Trap.

Upon further review of the ad something else caught my eye – the Dirtybird. Look at the Dirtybird close, though. Does it ring a bell in your head? Do patent suits come to mind? Does the name Chatterbait leap into your head? It should. [Read more…]