Mar-Lynn Lures

Mar-Lynn Lure Company ad from 1976.

Mar-Lynn Lure Company ad from 1976.

We’ve talked about a lot of old tackle companies here at the Bass Fishing Archives but one we’ve neglected to mention so far is the Mar-Lynn Lure Company of Blue Springs, MO. Mar-Lynn made everything from spinnerbaits to jigs, plastic worms to jig heads and more. But what they are probably best known for is the Reaper – a soft plastic lure that had a large tail fin that resembled an eel.

From my understanding, the bait was made specifically for use on a jig head for lake trout. But it didn’t take bass anglers long to figure out it wasn’t just trout bait.

Rigged with the tail vertical, the bait would sink fairly fast and resembled a baitfish quite nicely. On the other hand, if the bait was rigged so the tail was horizontal, the bait would glide and could be mistaken for an eel. [Read more…]

Secrets of the 1967 World Series of Sport Fishing Pros

DwightKeeferBefore there was the Bassmaster Classic, one of the largest and most recognized fishing tournaments was the World Series of Sport Fishing, held from 1960-1968. Winners of note included such greats as Harold Ensley, Virgil Ward, Glen Andrews, and Dwight Keefer. Terry did a great piece on Dwight Keefer, the 1967 winner of the event, back in July 2012. However, Fishing Facts sent one of their then editors, George Pazik, to cover the event and interview the 32 pros fishing. He wrote a piece in the November 1967 issue of Fishing News covering what he learned from those interviews, and it provides an interesting, if not entertaining look at the birth of the tournament fishing, as well as the tips and strategies employed over 45 years ago.

Here are the 7 key points from the article: [Read more…]