Zorro 1977

1977 Zorro Ad.

1977 Zorro Ad.

Stan Sloan will forever hold the distinction of being the first angler to win a Ray Scott event – winning the first All-American held on Beaver Lake in 1967. Sloan could also claim another first, that being the man who designed the built the bait that won the first Bassmaster Classic in 1971 at Lake Mead, NV. Over the course of his professional bass fishing career, Sloan never fished a full year on the Bassmaster Trail. The closest he came to that was the 1973 season where he fished five events. Most years he only fished two or three events, yet he made the Classic the first five years in a row.

Aside from being one of the top anglers in the early history of competitive bass fishing, Sloan was also a corrections officer, but more importantly, he was a superb bait maker. His Zorro Aggravator spinnerbaits were some of the most-used spinnerbaits of the time – winning numerous events in the early years. [Read more…]

Burke’s Dedly Dudly – Buzzbait or Spinnerbait?

The 1972 Burke catalog, featuring their new "Dedly Dudly."

The 1972 Burke catalog, featuring their new “Dedly Dudly.”

A couple weeks ago, Terry posted a piece on the Harkin’s Lunker Lure, one of the first true buzzbaits on the market, and probably the one that put such baits and the technique on the bass fishing map. That generated an offline discussion among Terry and myself, along with George Kramer and Rick Clunn, about some of the earlier versions of similar baits. One that got mentioned was the Dedly Dudly, which actually came out a couple years earlier than the Harkin’s bait and was created by the famous Burke Fishing Lures company.

Here’s what we found out on this particular bait. [Read more…]