Let’s Look Back: I was among the first to get “hooked” – Part 2

I had a chance to test these great hooks before they were ever brought into the USA. Photo Stan Fagerstrom.

I had a chance to test these great hooks before they were ever brought into the USA. Photo Stan Fagerstrom.

The guy on the other end of the phone line asked a question I’ve been hearing off and on now for a long time.

“Stan,” the guy asked, “Exactly when did you start writing about fishing?  I know you’ve been doing it for a long time now.  I’ll bet you’ve seen lots of changes in the fishing gear that’s available now compared to what it was when you first started.” [Read more…]

Let’s Look Back: I was among the first to get “hooked” – Part 1

For years now Gamakatsu has had some of the world's top bass fishing professionals helping with its hook design and refinement. Aaron Martens, a past winner of the Bassmasters Classic, is one of them. Photo Stan Fagerstrom.

For years now, Gamakatsu has had some of the world’s top bass fishing professionals helping with its hook design and refinement. Aaron Martens, a past Bassmaster Angler of the Year winner, is one of them. Photo Stan Fagerstrom.

I’m one of the luckiest old backlash picker-outers west of the Mississippi River – maybe east of the big river too.

If you’ve read my “Let’s Look Back” columns in the past you’re aware I’ve touched on this before in doing these columns.  Having been writing about fishing since shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire is one of the reasons I talk about being as fortunate as I have been.

Another, and it’s one of the reasons I welcomed the chance to do these columns when given opportunity to do them. Writing a column with the heading “Let’s Look Back” you see, gives me a chance to look back over my shoulder and write about some of the wondrous experiences I’ve had a chance to be in on. [Read more…]

Monday Trivia – The Stone Pony Answer and Winner (August 11, 2014)

Marty Stone. Photo Bassmaster.com

Marty Stone. Photo Bassmaster.com

Editor’s Note.  In light of the fact that no one answered the questions correctly today, we would normally not have a winner. But, since Steve M got both parts of Question 4 correct and we didn’t catch the incorrect answers for 1, until we already posted he won, we’re going to give it to him this time. For the answers to this week’s contest, read below.

In a B.A.S.S. career that spanned the years from 1993 through 2010, Marty Stone earned two wins, the first of which came during a challenging event on Alabama’s Lake Wheeler in March of 1999. While Wheeler today is known for producing large quantities of bass, even if they’re not typically as big as those in neighboring Guntersville, it was a stingy fishery during the 1999 Bassmaster Top 150. After inclement weather forced the cancellation of Day One, it took less than 16 pounds over two days to make the top 40 and the money. [Read more…]

Monday Trivia – Bailey’s Bubble Answer and Winner (April 21, 2014)

Lee Bailey FLW Outdoors.

Lee Bailey FLW Outdoors.

Congratulations to Rob Shaw for winning this week’s Monday Trivia Contest! For the answer, please read below.

Missouri’s Table Rock Lake has been a stopping point for the major tours for decades, with the most recent stop producing Mike McClelland’s seventh B.A.S.S. victory, fourth Elite Series win, and his first since 2008. He compiled 61 pounds 15 ounces of Table Rock bass over four days (nearly a 15 pound 8 ounce average) to claim the crown.

Just under 17 years ago, New Englander Lee Bailey won the Bassmaster Missouri Central Invitational on the Rock, putting together three limits of bass that totaled 47-15, an average just a hair under 16 pounds a day. It marked the sole win of Bailey’s 122 event B.A.S.S. career. He came in 3rd on three occasions, coming closest to winning again in 1999 on the Hudson River when he finished behind winner Woo Daves by a little bit less than 3 pounds. [Read more…]

Daiwa: em-PHA’-sis on the wrong syl-LA’-ble


1975 Field & Stream Daiwa Ad

I was trying to figure out whether to ‘zig’ or to ‘zag’ with this piece.

The ZIG – One thing that has really surprised me as I search through old bass fishing magazine ads from the 70s has been the amount of sexual innuendo in them. Yes, nowadays we have that a bit with things like the Reaction Innovations product names and colors, and I even read some complaints from ICAST 2012 this year on the skimpy attire worn by some company support personnel, but it seems to have been much more rampant back in the 70ss. Perhaps it’s partly because of all the smoking and alcohol ads that all have a macho man/good looking girl in every piece, but even the wording went along for the ride back then. Rod/reel ads, motor ads, you name it – hot girl. The Daiwa ad in this piece from a 1975 Field & Stream Magazine is no exception. Look close and you’ll find a Daiwa reel advertisement in there somewhere. [Read more…]

Mister Twister – More of the Same

1980 Mister Twister Ad.

Here’s more proof that a large number of baits/tackle are retreads from the past. Take for example the 1980 vintage Mister Twister ad here. In it you’ll see two products that are prevalent today except that the Mister Twister products didn’t gain much popularity and were soon relegated to the bargain bins. Today’s “copies,” though, are in the arsenal of nearly every basser.

For example, by 1980 the Twister Sassy Shad, one of the first boot-tails on the market, was enjoying phenomenal sales. It was selling so well that Mister Twister decided to put a boot tail on nearly every bait they made. Unfortunately, the Sassy Worm didn’t cut the mustard and faded into obscurity shortly thereafter. The boot-tail worm was dead. [Read more…]