We do Reels, Why not Frogs and Blades?

Zebco spinnerbait ad circa 1976.

Over the course of time, especially in the early 1900s, many companies not only made lures but rods, reels and assorted other fishing paraphernalia. Heddon is a good example of this, marketing not only their famous lures but also rods and reels. Pflueger and Shakespeare did the same. But as bass fishing came into its own, more companies began concentrating on their bread-and-butter.

This one here fits right in that niche of, “you should stick to your strengths.” Here we have two ads from two of the major rod and reel companies of all time. The problem is they’re not ads for rods or reels. Instead, they’re ads for bass lures they’re trying to get you to buy. [Read more…]

The Beginning of the Toad Invasion?

Long before the Horny Toad…

These days, there’s probably not a basser worth his salt that doesn’t carry a box or two full of “toads”. Those incredibly versatile little rubber creatures, along with their froggin’ counterparts, have proven to be an incredibly potent weapon in the arsenal of bass anglers faced with shallow water filled in by vegetation of all sorts.

If asked, a majority of anglers would likely peg the introduction of the Zoom Horny Toad back in 2005 as beginning the toad trend. However, a look back in the archives reveals a much older history to the storied piece of soft plastic. [Read more…]

Scorecard Snapshot – What’s My Line?


The results from the 1993 Texas Invitational remind me of Paul Elias:

My Elias fixation may seem odd. He didn’t have a poor tournament at Rayburn in 1993, finishing tied for 24th among a stout field of competitors, but his performance didn’t stand out.

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