The Rise of LCRs Continues

The advance of The Bottom Line, circa very early 90s.

The advance of The Bottom Line, circa very early 90s.

Last year, Terry penned a short piece on the assault of the LCR unit on the early depthfinder market, focusing on the Bottom Line units in particular. Commenting on their shortfalls, Terry wrote, “By 1988 liquid crystal displays were taking over the world, and a lot of anglers weren’t too happy about it. The units had bad resolution and the computing power needed in order to run them just wasn’t state-of-the-art. But that didn’t stop companies from completely bailing on the old tried and true technologies such as flashers and paper graphs.”

Today we feature another Bottom Line ad from just a few years later (very early 90s), and look back at some interesting developments in the world of electronics. [Read more…]

Old Books: The Facts of Electronic Fishing – I

The Facts of Electronic Fishing - 1961

The Facts of Electronic Fishing – 1961

As a continuing follow-up to some of the history behind Lowrance and their early electronic units, and since Terry has been on me to post about the old Lowrance books that were published in the 1960s, today we’ll take a quick book review through the first in what became a small series of published documents, “The Facts of Electronic Fishing.”

I have an original first edition copy of that book which was published in 1961 (opening pic). The company (in 1961) was operating under the name ‘Lowrance Electronics Manufacturing Company,’ or LEMCO for short. At the time, they were still located in Joplin, Missouri. The book is approximately 124 pages long, and broken down into 5 chapters. They are as follows: [Read more…]