Jigs Before There Were Jigs

Elmer Thompson's "Doll Fly"

Elmer Thompson’s “Doll Fly”

Fishing the traditional “jig and pig” has become such a standard bass presentation these days that many anglers probably forget that there was actually a time before this great bass catcher came about. Terry and me have talked about some of the early pork days that go back to the 70s, 50s and even back to the beginning of the century. And though pork baits were on the angling scene very early, it wasn’t until the late 70s that living rubber skirts became a reality. The early 80s began that period of tournament bass catching dominated by the living rubber jig coupled with a piece of trimmed pork fat. So the question then is what jigs were bass anglers and others throwing before there were living rubber jigs trailed by pork rinds? [Read more…]