The Rise of LCRs Continues

The advance of The Bottom Line, circa very early 90s.

The advance of The Bottom Line, circa very early 90s.

Last year, Terry penned a short piece on the assault of the LCR unit on the early depthfinder market, focusing on the Bottom Line units in particular. Commenting on their shortfalls, Terry wrote, “By 1988 liquid crystal displays were taking over the world, and a lot of anglers weren’t too happy about it. The units had bad resolution and the computing power needed in order to run them just wasn’t state-of-the-art. But that didn’t stop companies from completely bailing on the old tried and true technologies such as flashers and paper graphs.”

Today we feature another Bottom Line ad from just a few years later (very early 90s), and look back at some interesting developments in the world of electronics. [Read more…]

Pre-HydroWave Sound Emitting Electronics

An early Hydrowave predecessor?

An early Hydrowave predecessor?

If you’re a bassin professional, you can’t take too many chances by not using something that might be giving your competitor an advantage. Every ounce can be critical, and just one extra fish a day may make the difference between a check and a long drive on to the next event. For example, there’s probably not a single FLW or Bass Elite Touring Pro that doesn’t have at least one side imaging unit of some sort on their boat, even if they’re a dedicated shallow water kind of basser.   Similarly, I’m starting to see more and more boats with HydroWave units mounted on them. I haven’t spoken to any of the pros myself, but I’m guessing some of them aren’t overly convinced it makes a difference. Still, if you finish behind too many guys too many times who claim that their unit was key, you at least have to go into defensive mode. [Read more…]

Don’t Pass The Buck

Buck Taylor's The Complete Guide to Using Depthfinders, Revised Edition 1985.

Buck Taylor’s, The Complete Guide to Using Depthfinders, Revised Edition 1985.

In 1981 I received a nice present from my mother for Christmas. It was probably one of the most useful presents I ever received and one that would shape my fishing for my entire life – in fact it still does so today. That present was the book you see in the opening picture of this article. It’s a book you may know, but only if you’ve been seriously using depthfinders for about 30 years or so.

A few months ago I saw the book for sale on Amazon and went to look for my copy. My luck wasn’t good as it’s located somewhere in my storage unit with who knows how many other books I want to write about. Anyway, a few weeks ago I ran across another copy on eBay and bought the thing. Last week it arrived and for the past few days I’ve been reacquainting myself with Buck Taylor and the wisdom he wrote between the covers of this unbelievable book. [Read more…]

The Bass Boat Control Panel – Old School Style

Control Center for boat 1973 Bass Fishing Annual Bass Master Magazine.

Anglers today are beyond spoiled when it comes to the boats we fish out of. Full decks console-to-bow / stern-to-console, enough dry storage to handle a tackle shop’s worth of gear and more gadgets than Ron Popeil has ever dreamed of inventing. No longer do we have to worry about going home, taking every crankbait, spinnerbait, hook and sinker out of our box so they can dry after fishing in the rain all day. We don’t have to think how far away from the rear transducer we are in order to stay on a spot because our front and rear finders are linked together. And if we want to stop and fish a spot in the shallows all we have to do is hit a button and down go two poles to hold our position.

Boy things have changed over the years.

Although there have been major strides in the manufacture of bass boats, the biggest advances (are they really?) in bass fishing have been in the line of the gadgets we use. And speaking of these gadgets, anglers today (especially those who didn’t bass fish in the 60s through 80s) take for granted all the gizmos they have on their boats – thinking that they, “can’t catch fish without them.” [Read more…]