Don “The Doodle King” Iovino – An Era Ends

Don Iovino weighs one of the last fish of his 40-year tournament career at this year's WON Bass U.S. Open. Photo Don Iovino.

Don Iovino weighs one of the last fish of his 40-year tournament career at this year’s WON Bass U.S. Open. Photo Dan O’Sullivan.

The first time I met Don Iovino was in 1978 at a seminar at a tackle shop called Anglers West in Diamond Bar California – I was all of 14 years old and wanted to learn everything I could about bass fishing.

In those days you couldn’t open a Western Outdoor News, Western Bass magazine or SWAB periodical without seeing Iovino’s name within its confines. He was winning or placing high in nearly every event he entered and doing it in a most unorthodox manner – some new thing he’d developed called doodling. [Read more…]

Monday Trivia – The Anti-Bubba Answer and Winner (October 14, 2013)



Unfortunately no one won this week’s trivia contest – although they came close.  For the answers, look below.

Gary Klein has resided in Texas longer than many Bass Fishing Archives readers have been alive, so it’s easy to forget that his roots were in California. Specifically, he developed his skills early on at Lake Oroville, a typical deep western impoundment.

By the time his 30th birthday rolled around, he’d already won two B.A.S.S. tournaments, the 1979 Arizona Invitational on Lake Powell and the 1985 Georgia Invitational on Lake Lanier. The former, of course, is a western impoundment and the latter, with its deep clear water and spotted bass fishery, behaves like a western lake in many ways. In both cases he outlasted a legend of the sport to claim the victory – Bill Dance in Arizona and then Hank Parker in Georgia. [Read more…]