The First Season of the Red Man Trail

Red Man Tournament Trail Patch.

Red Man Tournament Trail Patch.

Many of us who immersed ourselves into the world of competitive bass fishing in the 1990s or after the turn of the century tend to assume that there were always stable nationwide organized circuits for the weekend angler. We may have known that what are now the BFLs were previously the Red Man circuit, but we don’t have a sense of when and where the Red Mans were born.

As Terry has detailed previously, old issues of CAST Magazine are a treasure trove of information about that era, and provide an incredible look back at the origins of the BFLs. [Read more…]

Monday Trivia – Name That Angler Answer and Winner

A young 13-year-old Randy Howell.

A young 13-year-old Randy Howell. Photo Robin Howell.

Congratulations to JWM for correctly answering this week’s trivia contest! Although we didn’t expect it, he even got the sponsorship question right! Even Randy’s wife didn’t think anyone would get that answer! Great job JWM. For the complete answer and a little history on Randy Howell, read below.

Look carefully at the picture above. The angler in question has experienced success on both the B.A.S.S. and FLW Tours. In order to win, you’ll need to answer the following three questions:

1)      Who is the angler seen in the picture?

2)      What popular tournament lake was his home base as a teenager?

3)      What company was his first title sponsor?

We recognize that Question #3 is a tough one, so if no one answers it correctly by the time the contest closes, we’ll award the prize to the first participant who answered #1 and #2 correctly. [Read more…]