This Month in Bass Fishing History – September 2014

In 2009 Gary Dobyns won the 2009 US Open on Lake Mead.

In 2009 Gary Dobyns won the 2009 US Open on Lake Mead.

Let’s return to this great concept that Brian started up. Another month, another quick look at the anniversaries of major events:

5 YEARS AGO: Western legend Gary Dobyns won the US Open for the first time at age 50, beating 2014 winner (and now three-time champion) Clifford Pirch by over 3 pounds to take the title after numerous near misses. According to the BassFan report of the event, Dobyns battled nausea and dehydration to take the brass ring with a total catch of 32.91 pounds over three days. His primary tools were a Gary Yamamoto Hula Grub, a Lucky Craft DBS4 and a Lucky Craft Gunfish 95. The boat included as part of the prize package was the 40th that he’d won in competition. [Read more…]

Season at a Glance: 1974 BASS Master Trail – Part Two

Al Lindner winner of the 1974 Tennessee Invitational on Watts Bar. Photo Bassmaster Magazine July/August 1974.

Editor’s Note: In Part One of the 1974 Tournament Trail, there was an error at the end piece where we posted the top-30 anglers for the AOY race after three events. The table that was inadvertently put there was actually the AOY standings after two events – not three. The table has been corrected and now reflects the standings after three events.

In part one of this series we went through the first three events of the ’74 BASS Master tournament season. In this installment, we’ll go through the final three events and also present the anglers who qualified for the 1974 Classic. To read part one click here. [Read more…]