The Chattanooga Bass Club and Bass Anglers Sportsmans Society

The first officers of the Chattanooga Bass Club. Photo courtesy of Harold Sharp.

The first officers of the Chattanooga Bass Club. Pinned to Harold Sharp’s shirt is the first B.A.S.S. patch ever handed out. It now resides in Ray Scott’s office in Alabama. Photo courtesy of Harold Sharp.

[Editor’s Note: Harold Sharp sent me an email regarding a post we made that had a picture of Stan Sloan holding a limit of fish. I initially said the picture was from the first Ray Scott event at Beaver but Harold told me that caption was wrong. He attached a picture of the first B.A.S.S. patch to the email and gave us this story. Reading stories like this makes me think of a few things. First, it’s nice to know the history of the sport. Next it helps me understand how much work Ray Scott, Harold Sharp, Bob Cobb and all the others had to do to get B.A.S.S. started, and third it makes me mad when greenies say that sportsman only hurt the environment. I hope you enjoy reading about our past.]

In June of 1967, I read a small announcement in the Chattanooga Times morning paper about a bass fishing tournament to be held on Beaver Lake, AR. It listed the name of Bob Treadway from Chattanooga that was fishing the tournament, so I looked Bob up in the phone book and gave him a call. He was operating a small grocery nearby so I drove over to ask him some questions about the bass tournament. [Read more…]