Black Bass Fishing: Robert Page Lincoln – Part Three

Black Bass Fishing CoverBack in late 2014 I started the review of this book, Black Bass Fishing by Robert Page Lincoln and never finished the last part. I want to apologize for that upfront (especially to Bill Sonnett). But now that the book has been glaring at me for nearly six months, I can’t ignore it any longer and today we have Part Three of the review of this must-read book.

Over the course of Part One and Part Two we covered chapters one through 17 along with the Foreword and Introduction. Today we’ll finish with Chapters 18 through 24 and the Appendix. For those of you who missed the first two parts of this book and want to read them (and I highly suggest you do) you can find the posts at the links presented in the first sentence of this paragraph. [Read more…]

Texas Trophies, Then and Now

Photo Bassmaster Magazine January 1982.

Photo Bassmaster Magazine January 1982.

Just over 30 years ago, in the January 1982 issue of Bassmaster, writer Mark McDonald explored the rise of a group of Texas trophy bass hunters – a clique of ultra-patient anglers who focused on a small group of lakes during the pre-spawn period.

The group included John Alexander of Dallas, who caught the two biggest largemouths weighed in the Lone Star state. They included the then state record 15-08, as well another over 14. He had a third that weighed nearly 13 pounds, good enough for 9th best. All three came from private Echo Lake, about 100 miles southeast of Dallas. McDonald also mentioned others like Jeff Parker, Gaylan Wooldridge and Jim Kimbell, all in the top ten, as well as Bob Garcia, who was not. [Read more…]