Hardbaits – Batteries not Included

Smithwick BlinkerIn the past we’ve talked about lures and other fishing-related contraptions that should never have left the brain let alone the drawing board. We even put a call out for you readers to send us in your nominations for the Bass Fishing Darwin awards. Well, today’s post is along the same lines and we’ll add these gems to the list of Darwin-esque baits.

First on the list is a concept I feel you all may be acquainted with from the recent past – lures that light up. Around the 2006 time frame, a new company, LaserLure, came up with a “new” concept to put laser lights in a crankbait. It was based off a somewhat well-known fact that bass or any fish will follow and attack a laser light that they’ve come in contact with. Seemed logical – somewhat. [Read more…]