Monday Trivia – The FLW Cup; Answers & Winner (August 18, 2014)

Congratulations to Adam Hinkle for winning this week’s Monday Trivia Contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. For the answers, read below, and come back for next week’s edition.


Photo: FLW Outdoors

I don’t know about you, but I think yesterday’s Day 4 of the Forrest Wood Cup held on Lake Murray was one of the most exciting in recent memory. Steve Kennedy’s 20 pound sack to make a run at the title from 10th place, not to mention the one ounce difference between victory and 2nd place, a $440,000 difference! And Scott Canterbury gets second again – what a heartbreaker. Congrats to hometown winner Anthony Gagliardi.

With the event fresh in our minds, this week we focus our trivia question on past Forrest Wood Cups. To win all the Yamamoto’s this week, you’ll need to brush up on your FLW history and answer these 4 questions. [Read more…]

The Writers – George Kramer

George KramerEditor’s Note: This series is dedicated to those people who penned the many articles we read in order to learn more about our sport and become better anglers. Sure it was the anglers who developed the techniques, lures and equipment we use today but it was the writers’ job to make sure these bits of information got to the masses. Without the writers to communicate this, the world of bass fishing would be very different today.

For those of you outside the West, the name George Kramer may not ring a bell. For those in the West, though, the name resonates – longtime writer, longtime supporter, longtime critic. He’s the guy that came up with the California Top 40 – a ranking system that gives credit to the West’s best bass anglers each year. [Read more…]