Monday Trivia — Name That Angler Answer and Winner (May 26, 2014)

Can you name this current bass pro?

Can you name this current bass pro?

This week we had three contestants put forth the correct answers and unfortunately we can only award the first one with the $25 e-coupon from GYCB. Congratulations to Duke Jenkel for winning this week’s trivia contest! For the answers, please read below and come back Monday for next week’s version of the contest.

We haven’t featured a youthful picture of a pro angler in a while, so after a long run of tournament trivia we figured we’d mix it up and give you a little throwback. This one shouldn’t be too hard. To give you a leg up, we’ll provide two hints – first, look at the license plate, and then note that the date was 1964. [Read more…]

A Picture and a Joke on Bo

Some of the Classic I contestants. Photo courtesy of Harold Sharp.

This may qualify as an interesting photo. Ray Scott invited all the first Classic contestants and three outdoor writers who were there to the 1995 Classic for a reunion. It was a great time to see all those faces again.

Looking at this picture, though, reminded me of a good story. As you know, each of the anglers at the early Classics were restricted by the weight of tackle they could bring. We made a huge deal of it by having a weigh-in for their tackle and if an angler was over in weight, Ray and I got to pick out anything we wanted until their tackle box made the weight limit. [Read more…]