Bobby Murray – The Late ‘60s and Early ‘70s

Bobby Murray holds up three pigs he caught in the late '60s. Photo/Video Bobby Murray.

Bobby Murray holds up three pigs he caught in the late ’60s. Photo/Video Bobby Murray.

This is a special video. It’s not often you get to see video of the first days of competitive bass fishing – and I mean the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Yeah, there’s coverage on the website of the 1971 Classic – and it’s an amazing look back in time – but how many of you have seen video from 1968, 1969 and even 1970? Well, today, thanks to Bobby Murray and Carlisle Tire, we have something special to share with you.

Bobby Murray was kind enough to invite Mike Quinn of Carlisle Tire to his house in Arkansas to talk the old days of competitive bass fishing. During that visit Bobby showed Mike some old 8mm film footage of some early Bassmasterr events. Quinn, with the permission of Murray, had the film digitized and ran it in the Carlisle Tire booth at the Hartwell Classic just a week ago. [Read more…]

An Impossible Cast – Glen Andrews and the Birth of Professional Bass Fishing

An Impossible Cast Glen AndrewsAn Impossible Cast – Glen Andrews and the Birth of Professional Bass Fishing. I pride myself at being a student of bass fishing and its history. I realize I don’t know everything and always welcome new ideas, concepts and historical views of the way things happened back when this whole bass fishing thing started. It took me by surprise, though, when Ron Lindner, of In-Fisherman fame, contacted me the day this site launched.

Ron said, in about as many words, “If you haven’t heard of Glen Andrews and his place in competitive bass fishing, you need to find out about it.”

Now I tend to listen to people when they bring to my attention something I don’t know about but when Ron Lindner says something like that, my ears perk up. I’d never heard of Glen Andrews let alone his contributions to bass fishing. I went on a search for information.

The beauty of this day and age is the ability to search out information on the internet. One quick search of Glen Andrews in Google popped up a number of hits, including a page on Facebook, called, “An Impossible Cast.”

I went to the Facebook page and got in contact with D. Shane Andrews, the son of Glen Andrews. After talking with Shane, he directed me where to get a copy of the book he wrote about his father, I purchased it and read it within a week. To say its amazing would be the biggest understatement of the year.

You may be like me and had never heard of this man but when you read the book, you’ll come to the realization Glen was not just an amazing angler but one of the forerunners of what we call competitive bass fishing today. If you don’t believe me, check out this paragraph from the book written by Bobby Murray:

[Glen Andrews] is probably the greatest angler that no one has ever heard of. However, his influence on modern bass fishing is unparalleled by any other angler. Glen mentored fishing greats such as Bill Dance, Jerry McKinnis, Bobby and Billy Murray, Don Butler Ray Scott and a host of others who were an integral part of professional bass fishing history…… Glen was the first true, professional bass angler. His insights into seasonal bass migrations, structure fishing, lure development and lure presentations helped forge the basis of many of the country’s leading bass fishing authorities of today.

The book is filled with the history of the sport at a time when there was no history. It’s a must read for those who are ardent historians of the sport and a “you need to read” if you’re a bass fisherman.

For a copy of the book go to An Impossible Cast. You can also read more about Glen Andrews on Facebook.

Bass In the Classroom

A Bass Fishing Institute Study Book from the early 80s.

Today’s anglers are probably familiar with The Bass University classes organized and run by Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek. What many may not realize is that this is a concept that is almost as old as the sport of bass fishing itself. In fact, you have to go back to 1975, when Billy Murray, Sport Fishing Hall of Fame member, and brother Bobby Murray, 2X Bassmaster Classic winner, first formed and organized the Bass Fishing Institute, in conjunction with the American Institute of Bass Fishing and Indiana State University, of Terre Haute, Ind.. [Read more…]

MO Sticks of the Past – Dwight Keefer

Dwight Keefer holding a nice largemouth. Photo Dwight Keefer.

The name Dwight Keefer may not be a household name amongst today’s fishing crowd but in the mid-60s and throughout the 1970s, the name was taken seriously amongst anyone who ventured into the realm of tournament fishing. Having won the Kansas Open Fishing Tournament in September 1967 gave him the opportunity to fish the 1967 World Series of Sport Fishing Championship held one month later in Wisconsin on Long Lake. Keefer ended up winning that event hands down – as a college sophomore.

After his wins, Keefer went on to finish college and become a sales rep for the Shakespeare Corporation – balancing competitive fishing with his sales job. In 1972 he fished two BASS events and qualified for the second BASS Master Classic held on Percy Priest Reservoir in Tennessee.

The following story is about Dwight Keefer, his early days of competitive fishing and his use of Midwest finesse tactics at a time when if you didn’t throw 20-pound string, you were considered a fool. [Read more…]

1972 Bass Pro Shops Spring Sale

1972 Bass Pro Shops Spring Sale Ad. 1972 Mar/Apr issue Bass Master Magazine

I don’t know when you saw your first Bass Pro Shops catalog but for me it was in 1976. I got it from an authorized Bass Pro dealership in Roland Heights, CA called Angler’s West, if I’m not mistaken.

Anyway, looking through that 200-plus-page catalog just amazed me. They had everything a bass angler needed and more. Bass Tracker boats, Balsa Bs, Mustad 33637 worm hooks (by the 100 box), Mann’s Jelly worms (by the 100 bag), Uncle Bucks risqué little calendar, you name it.

Because of that 1976 main catalog, I always wanted to go to BPS Central in MO. Unfortunately, I was in California and it was in Missouri. Mom wasn’t going to take me there to drop my $20 worth of lunch money I saved weekly.

In 2008, though, I headed back to Mountain Home, AR to pick up my new Bass Cat and made it a point to stop by the “Original” Bass Pro Shops. By then I’d been to roughly 5 of the super stores but the one in Springfield was always on my bucket list. I wasn’t disappointed. The question here is, is the store shown in the ad the site of the current original BPS or did they change it?  Anyone know? [Read more…]