Bodacious Bass!

VHS Greatness: "Bodacious Bass"

VHS Greatness: “Bodacious Bass”

If I had to pick a moment in bass fishing history when live bait become “the deal” for targeting giant bass, at least on a nationally known level, I’d personally point to the coverage of Ray Easley’s 21-pound beast caught on 8-pound line and a live crawdad back in 1980 from Lake Casitas. While the use of crawdads was popular to big bass chasers prior to that, the overall coverage to those of us not in California was a mixed bag. Previous to that time, it seemed like as much attention was devoted to tactics such as deep water lead core trolling (Doug Crandall), deep running crawdad crankbaits (Cliff Alderson), or worm fishing (Bill Beckum) as to live bait. Even ‘Lunker’ Bill Murphy was tagged as a deep-trolling lead-core specialist over other techniques (stitching, etc.) he later became famous for. [Read more…]

The Writers: Paul Prorok

Writer (now photographer) Paul Prorok

Writer (now photographer) Paul Prorok

Do you recognize the man in the picture to your left? If I tell you that his name is Paul Prorok, does that mean anything to you? Chances are, while you might not recall the name right off the top of your head, you’ll certainly remember some of his work in the world of bass fishing. Here’s a quick history of writer Paul Prorok, past and present.

What started this topic for me was an article I just finished reading in the December 1967 issue of ‘Fishing News’ titled, “Chicago Fishermen Chose Warm Air and Plastic Worm to Catch More Than 30 Bass on a Weekend.” Now that’s a mouthful, but such was the way that Bill Binkelman structured his articles when he ran ‘Fishing News.’ [Read more…]

This Month in Bass Fishing History

Today, a look back at was was happening in bass fishing history for the month of April.

'Fish Chris' of the former "Trophy Bass Only" website

‘Fish Chris’ of the former “Trophy Bass Only” website

10 YEARS AGO: April 10, 2003, and “Fish Chris” Wolfgram, host of the then “Trophy Bass Only” website catches his personal best largemouth weighing 18.4lb from Rancho Seco, California. The bass becomes the new Rancho Seco lake record, but this fish is only the start of a string of giant California big bass catches that is about to go down over the next couple months. [Read more…]

A Big Bass Pioneer

L.J. Brasher’s Big Bass Wall of Fame, from Bassmaster Jan./Feb. 1980

I was surfing across the web the other night when I stumbled upon a story featuring L.J. Brasher. L.J. was one of the first, or at least one of the more well publicized strictly big bass chasers, tromping around the backroads of Florida looking for off the beaten path potholes harboring overlooked giant bass. He would fish for days at a time, chunking giant musky Jitterbugs all night long.   The year was 1980. Hank Parker had just won BASSMASTER Classic IX using a hot new technique called flipping developed out on the west coast. Lake San Vincente and the San Diego area in California was the talk of the big bass world, where a then 39 year old big bass angler named Bill Murphy spent hours developing a lead-core trolling method with repainted Rapala’s in rainbow trout color, plying the deep open waters during the winter. [Read more…]