Bass Master Classic 1984 – Future Presidents and a Secret Service Dude

[Editor’s Note: Yesterday Brian talked about the ’84 Classic and how ironic and coincidental it was to have two presidents on the weigh-in stage when Rick Clunn won his third Classic. Well today Harold Sharp reflects back on that Classic and how they ended up on the Arkansas River and some interesting things that happened during the weigh-in.]

Setting up a BASS Master Classic isn’t an easy task by any means. It takes time as venues must be found and then agreed upon by BASS and the host city. While I was at BASS, I would start setting up the following year’s Classic at least a year in advance. The 1984 Classic was no different. [Read more…]

A Snapshot ‘for’ History: Classic XIV

The historical 1984 Classic Weigh-in stage. Note red/white Bassmaster caps being worn. Photo Bassmaster.

The history of bass fishing is replete with moments, and images capturing those moments. Everybody probably has their favorite, but I thought I would share one that has always stood out and had impact for me. The moment was the 1984 Bassmaster Classic, in particular, the final day’s ending where the winner had just been crowned. [Read more…]