Hubert Greene’s Coveralls – 1973 to 1980

Coveralls 135x300 Hubert Greene’s Coveralls – 1973 to 1980

Hubert Greene’s Coveralls. Courtesy of the Greene family.

A couple weeks ago we posted part one of this story on Hubert Greene’s coveralls and the many patches it sported. Too many, in fact, to be displayed in one post here. What I failed to mention was not only did Hubert have the patches from his pair of coveralls but also as many or more in a tray that is now located in his son Andy’s office. Therefore as I prepared to write today’s post, I realized that there was no way I would be able to incorporate all of them in what I thought might be the final in a two-part series.

What we have today is part two of what will be a three-parter – this time concentrating on Hubert’s patches from 1973 through 1980. In Part One of this series, most of the patches were from organizations other than B.A.S.S. This time, most of them are from B.A.S.S. with only four out of 26 being from another organization. [Read more...]

Can’t Get Under the Cover, Skip It Then

Skipping 1 1982 comp 227x300 Can’t Get Under the Cover, Skip It Then

One of the first Skipping articles published in 1982 in Pro Bass Magazine.

The technique of skipping a bait under docks, limbs and any other overhanging cover isn’t something that only the pros do today, it’s a technique that’s mastered by every single bass angler serious about their trade. Just search the internet for “skipping a jig” and volumes of articles and YouTube videos will flood your screen.

This wasn’t the case some 30 years ago as few anglers, even amongst the pro ranks, utilized the casting method – or even knew about it.

You don’t get many things past your non-boaters or the press, especially when you win a major event like the Bassmaster Florida Invitational. [Read more...]

How They Started – Gary Klein

Klein 1976 WBTOC Qualifier 214x300 How They Started – Gary Klein

Gary Klein in 1976 when he qualified for the Western Bass Tournament of Champions. Photo Fall 1976 issue of Western Bass Magazine.

The sport of competitive bass fishing has developed a list of greats since its genesis in 1967. That list includes anglers such as Bill Dance, Rick Clunn, Roland Martin, Bobby Murray, and others – a list too long to mention here. All these anglers have many things in common. They’ve all won numerous events, AOY awards and qualified for multiple Classics. But there are only two anglers today that can claim to have qualified for and fished 30 Bassmaster Classics. Those two anglers are Rick Clunn (32 Classics) and the second is the subject of this piece, Gary Klein – who after the 2013 season had qualified for his 30th Bassmaster Classic. [Read more...]

Monday Trivia – Gettys Gets it Done Answer and Winner (Oct 21, 2013)

Gettys pic1 from flwoutdoorsdotcom Monday Trivia – Gettys Gets it Done Answer and Winner (Oct 21, 2013)Unfortunately no one won this week’s Trivia Contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. For the answers, read below and try again next week!.

Ed Gettys has only fished 12 B.A.S.S. events over the past 25 years, most recently the 2006 Northern Tour event on Kentucky Lake. His success on the circuit has been decidedly mixed, with a few bombs along with a few checks, but if you look at where he’s fished, it’s obvious that the Alabama resident has a fondness for home – nine of the tournaments have taken place on Guntersville, where he’s known as a top stick. [Read more...]

Fenwick HMG – What’s Wrong with this Picture?

1975 Fenwick HMG 150x150 Fenwick HMG   Whats Wrong with this Picture?

1975 Fenwick HMG rod ad.

We’ve discussed that Fenwick was the first rod company to bring graphite (carbon fiber) technology to the fishing industry before. The year was 1974 and they had the market for a good 18 months before early competitor Skyline came out with their line of rods.

Not only was Fenwick the first to utilize the new graphite material for rods, they really made a dent on the pistol-grip handle industry while designing the blank. If you design a blank that weighs less than an old set of carbaloy guides then you better have a handle that’s worthy of the new rod. So Fenwick developed a new all-plastic handle that incorporated a plastic collet system that didn’t require the butt of the blank to be glued into the collet or handle. The result – the lightest handle on the market for the lightest blank on the market. [Read more...]

Monday Trivia – The Anti-Bubba (October 14, 2013)

Klein pic from bassmasterdotcom 300x217 Monday Trivia – The Anti Bubba (October 14, 2013)

Photo Bassmaster.comGary

Gary Klein has resided in Texas longer than many Bass Fishing Archives readers have been alive, so it’s easy to forget that his roots were in California. Specifically, he developed his skills early on at Lake Oroville, a typical deep western impoundment.

By the time his 30th birthday rolled around, he’d already won two B.A.S.S. tournaments, the 1979 Arizona Invitational on Lake Powell and the 1985 Georgia Invitational on Lake Lanier. The former, of course, is a western impoundment and the latter, with its deep clear water and spotted bass fishery, behaves like a western lake in many ways. In both cases he outlasted a legend of the sport to claim the victory – Bill Dance in Arizona and then Hank Parker in Georgia. [Read more...]

The Fishin’ Machine

RG 2nd Win Rayburn 1974 226x300 The Fishin’ Machine

Ricky Green holds his second 1st-place Bassmaster trophy from his win on Sam Rayburn in 1974. Photo May/June 1974 issue of Bassmaster Magazine.

In 1985 one of the most-respected boat companies came out with a new-concept boat that rocked the bass boat industry. The boat had all the amenities needed for high-level competition. They were fast, offered a passenger rod trough, rod locker ventilation and a console that looked more like it should be in an F-16 than a boat. The boat was the Cajun Ricky Green Fishin’ Machine.

By 1985 Ricky Green had been fishing as a full-time professional for a dozen years. He fished his first tournament at the age of 24 – the 1968 Arkansas State Championship at Greers Ferry – and won it. In that event he met Jimmy Houston, Larry Nixon and Jerry McKinnis. [Read more...]

Another Bass Circuit – National Bass Association

NBA Membership App 231x300 Another Bass Circuit – National Bass Association

National Bass Association membership ad circa 1978.

I mentioned last week or so that Clyde Drury sent me some magazines last week and this week I’m going to continue to put little bits and pieces of those magazines out here for all to see. Two weeks ago I mentioned how he sent me BCA’s “the Lunker Hole” magazines and posted a couple of stories from them here and here. Well, today I’m going to delve into another set of magazines, this time The National Bassman published by National Bass Association (NBA) of Lake City Florida.

Clyde sent me about a year’s worth of magazines from 1977 to 1978. Again, much like “the Lunker Hole,” they’re filled with some really cool ads of the time and better yet, tournament reports that show some interesting names and figures.

To start off the look down the National Bass Association’s existence, I thought it was kind of interesting to look at their 1978 tournament schedule and NBA membership offer that was in one of the magazines. [Read more...]

The Making of Stars – The Hibdons

Hibdon BCA Nov Dec 1978 1 300x239 The Making of Stars – The Hibdons

The 1978 BCA Lake of the Ozarks Top 5. Guido Hibdon (winner) and Basil Bacon (3rd-place). Photo November/December issue of BCA The Lunker Hole.

Earlier this week I posted a piece where I credited a friend of mine, Clyde Drury with sending me some magazines. In that piece I talked about him sending me some Bass Caster’s Association magazines called ‘the Lunker Hole.” In a previously written piece here I’d also mentioned the magazine and asked if anyone here had ever heard of or even had subscribed.

Well, Clyde was kind enough to send me a year’s worth of them and so far they’ve turned out to be pretty cool. Right now I have the November/December 1978 through November/December 1979 issues – seven in all – and we’ll be featuring a number of pieces from them in the near future.

In the meantime I’d like to share with you a couple of pictures I found in the Lake of the Ozarks tournament report from the Nov/Dec 1978 issue. [Read more...]

Monday Trivia — Skeet’s Tackle Answer and Winner (July 8, 2013)

Skeet1 from bassmasterdotcom1 300x168 Monday Trivia    Skeet’s Tackle Answer and Winner (July 8, 2013)


We figured this week’s Bass Fishing Archives Trivia Contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits would be easier compared to the recent trivia questions. I guess we were wrong as no one gave the correct answers. Next week we’ll try to make it easier. For the answers, read below.

With his win earlier this year at Georgia’s West Point Lake, Skeet Reese has now earned the top spot in B.A.S.S. competition on seven different occasions – in six different states and in six different calendar years (and probably with six or seven different hairstyles). [Read more...]