Monday Trivia – Santee in ’97 Answer and Winner (Nov 24, 2014)

Chapman 300x300 Monday Trivia – Santee in ’97 Answer and Winner (Nov 24, 2014)

Photo Brent Chapman.

[Editor’s note: In observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday, no other features will be posted on today or Friday. Have a great Holiday and we look forward to seeing you next week with a full week of posts!]

Unfortunately no one won this week’s trivia contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits! For the answers, please read below.

Brent Chapman, the 2012 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, began his B.A.S.S. career at the 1994 Missouri Invitational on Lake of the Ozarks, where he finished 32nd en route to three straight money finishes. Things must’ve seemed easy to the young Kansan, but subsequently things got tougher as he won the grand total of $3,400 over the next 11 events he fished. He earned checks with some frequency throughout 1996 – five in 10 events – but never made it into the top 12 during that period. [Read more…]

The Earliest B.A.S.S. Ads

Bass Ad 295x300 The Earliest B.A.S.S. Ads

BASS early membership print ad. Fishing Facts, Sept. & Oct., 1969.

This post falls in line with the recent early B.A.S.S. stories and interviews that have been posted to the site. As you know, the idea for B.A.S.S. was hatched in 1967, and the organization was officially formed and incorporated in 1968. But like every other group starting out, B.A.S.S. had to initially advertise to try and generate interest and membership, frequently in the more popular sporting magazines already out on the market. The ad pictured in this post is likely one of the earliest in print, dating back to September and October of 1969. It appeared in the pages of Fishing Facts magazine, which at the time had been around for nearly 5 years and was seeing rapid growth in the Midwest markets.

There are several things of note with this early ad for the organization. [Read more…]

Ray Scott – The Start of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society

Ray Scott 300x168 Ray Scott – The Start of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society

The Bass Boss and the man behind the advent of competitive bass fishing, Ray Scott, Nov 15, 2014. Photo Brenda Serrano.

This past weekend I was invited to an event in Florence, AL by former Elite Series angler Jimmy Mason. The event was to be held Friday night and would feature Alabama fishing greats, Bill Huntley, Ray Gresham and Tom Smith. The trio, sitting at the head of a conference room in the Florence, AL Visitor’s Center, told stories of the old days of fishing in Alabama and on the Tennessee River impoundments. It was an awesome meeting and soon we’ll be posting some of those stories here in the Bass Fishing Archives – after we get done with the editing. [Read more…]

Monday Trivia – Bassmaster Ladies Trivia

BM Pink 300x199 Monday Trivia   Bassmaster Ladies Trivia

photo: Bassmaster, Darren Jacobson

We’re starting to see more women fishing the B.A.S.S. Opens, trying to qualify for a shot at the Elites Series. Just a couple years back, Janet Parker made a very strong run, falling out of the cut in the final event. Others, like Trait Crist, are both fishing and writing over at B.A.S.S. The history and story behind women in B.A.S.S. is an interesting one, which we’ll touch on in this week’s trivia questions. There have been several “firsts” and high marks in this regard, and so we’ll focus on those. To win this week’s contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Baits, you’ll need to answer the following 4 questions. [Read more…]

A Look Through Bassmaster Magazine: 10 Years Ago

BFA1 224x300 A Look Through Bassmaster Magazine: 10 Years Ago

Bassmaster Magazine, March 2004

The fishing industry is always changing – new products, new companies, new anglers. I randomly grabbed a Bassmaster magazine sitting on my shelf from 10 years ago (March 2004) and was looking through the ads mostly, when it struck me how much has changed…and how much has stayed the same. Here’s what I found.

Starting off with the cover photo for this issue, a widely grinning Timmy Horton wearing a BOOYAH Baits visor. As best I can tell, it seems Timmy is no longer on their pro staff, a fairly recent event from what I can gather. Next is a big, two page ad for Lucky Craft, where I noticed all the crankbait lines available then are still available now. However, it appears their spinner line has changed, with the current website not showing the BMH and MH-1s from the ad. Looks like they’re sticking mostly with what made them famous, their hi-tech line of hard baits, now expanded and larger than ever. However, a quick look at the national pro staff pics from that ad did reveal a few personnel changes. Still around are Kelly Jordon, Tak, Skeet and Joe Thomas. However, it appears Gerald Swindle, Marty Stone and Mike Auten are no longer part of that team. [Read more…]

Monday Trivia – The Final Fall Tour Season (October 6, 2014)

Mystery Angler 300x200 Monday Trivia   The Final Fall Tour Season (October 6, 2014)

This angler holds the key to winning this week.

The FLW Cup has been over for more than a month, and the Bassmaster Tour just wrapped up for the year a couple weeks back. But all this cool weather has me remembering back to when the Bassmaster Classic was a summer event, and the start of the Tour season actually began during the fall of the previous year, carrying over into the following spring. The last time it happened has been more than a decade ago. So, to win this week’s trivia contest, we’re going to go back to that last “cross-over” season and have you try and answer the following 3 trivia questions; [Read more…]

Monday Trivia – World’s Most Famous Bass Answer and Winner (Sept. 25, 2014)

LB 138x300 Monday Trivia   Worlds Most Famous Bass Answer and Winner (Sept. 25, 2014)

“Leroy Brown” by Mann’s Lures

Congrats to Chad Keogh, who won this week’s trivia contest by what might be the closest margin of victory ever – just 1:00 minute ahead of his challenger, who also had the correct answers. Read below for the rest of the story, and get ready to play again next Monday.

We’re going with a little change of pace this week for our trivia challenge. The lure in the picture at left was created by Tom Mann and called “Leroy Brown.” It was a sinking vibrating bait, similar to a Rat-L-Trap style bait, and at one point was part of their “Hackleback” line of lures. However, this bait has one of the most interesting histories behind it.

If you’ve never heard the story, then it will be worth researching the answers to this week’s contest to find out some of the details. We’ll give the full scoop on Thursday when we announce a winner to the trivia contest. In the mean time though, to win all the Yamamotos this week, you’ll need to log on to your favorite search engine and answer the following 4 questions correctly.

  1. Name the year AND the bait that the real largemouth bass called Leroy Brown was caught on.
  2. Where did the name “Leroy Brown” come from?
  3. When the bass died 8 years later, Tom Mann bought a $4,000 tombstone/statue to sit at the fishes gravesite. Which country did the statue come from?
  4. To make an already interesting story even more so, what strange occurrence happened shortly after the fishes funeral?

[Read more…]

Monday Trivia – Name that Angler Answer and Winner (Sept 15, 2014)

KidPic1 300x297 Monday Trivia – Name that Angler Answer and Winner (Sept 15, 2014)

Who is this young, future tour angler?

Unfortunately no one won this week’s Monday Trivia Contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. Come back again Monday and try again. For the answers, please read below.

Another week, another old picture a young angler who would eventually find success casting for cash. We don’t think this one is particularly easy, so we’ll give you a few hints: (1) He’s still an active pro; and (2) He’s won one of the sport’s major championships.

With that boost, all you need to do is be the first to answer the following four questions to win this week’s contest: [Read more…]

Monday Trivia – KVD’s Records; Answers & Winner (Sept. 8, 2014)

KVD 300x148 Monday Trivia – KVD’s Records; Answers & Winner (Sept. 8, 2014)


Congratulations to Rich Zaleski for winning this week’s Monday Trivia Contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. For the answers, read below.

It seems like all the talk of the bass fishing world these past 2 weeks has been centered around KVD stories. Understandably, this is due to the fact that for the first time in 24 years, KVD has failed to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic. [Read more…]

Larry Nixon – Mr. Megabucks

Jay and Larry V3 still 300x168 Larry Nixon – Mr. Megabucks

Larry Nixon talks about his Megabucks wins and why those events fit his style. Photo Brenda Serrano.

As we’ve discussed previously in a Bass Fishing Archives Trivia Contest, Larry Nixon won four Megabucks events over his career with B.A.S.S. In all the years that Megabucks was around, there was only one angler to come close to that mark, Doug Garrett, who won two.

If you look at Nixon’s career earnings with B.A.S.S., nearly 1/3 of that total was from Megabucks alone. [Read more…]

Season at a Glance: 1977 Bassmaster Trail – Part Five

Clunn Ray Scott win 218x300 Season at a Glance: 1977 Bassmaster Trail – Part Five

Not a “natural lake specialist,” Rick Clunn would fight his demons and end up winning the 1977 Bassmaster Classic on Florida’s Lake Toho despite the fact he had never weighed more than 13 pounds in any event held in the sunshine state. Photo from a Bagley’s ad in the Feruary 1978 issue of Bassmaster Magazine.

[Editor’s Note: This is the final part of the five-part series on the 1977 Bassmaster tournament trail. To read the other parts, click on the appropriate link – part one (the first half of the season), part two (the second half of the season), part three (the Federation Championship), part four (the Classic Contenders).]

Since 1971 Bassmaster Trail anglers fished not only to win, but to qualify for what had become fishing’s biggest event of the year, the Bassmaster Classic. Through six events anglers would accumulate points in hopes of making the year-end event that, even at that time, was being billed as the Super Bowl of bass fishing.

In 1977 the rules stated that the top 24 anglers from the AOY race would be selected plus an additional angler from the Federation Championship. There was also another rule, one that actually brought the Classic contender list up to 26, that stated if an angler fished every event in the year and won one, he’d also qualify for the Classic. Dave Gliebe did such and was the 26th man invited. [Read more…]

Shaw Grigsby Jr. – Pro-on-Pro vs. Marshal

Shaw Grigsby edited 3 300x246 Shaw Grigsby Jr. – Pro on Pro vs. Marshal

Shaw Grigsby Jr. ICAST 2014. Photo Brenda Serrano.

When this whole competitive bass fishing deal started back in the late 60s, cheating and rigged tournaments were some of the biggest obstacles that Ray Scott faced. In order to alleviate those dark shadows, Scott decided on a tournament format where anglers would be paired together, different pairings for each day. This would not only significantly decrease the chances that two anglers would go into cahoots with each other but also provided policing from within.

For nearly 30 years after that first Beaver Lake event, pros would be paired with pros on the Bassmaster and other trails throughout the country. The format had its benefits but also had its downfalls. [Read more…]