Bass Master Classic III – This Ain’t Mutual of Omaha

Just like the prior two Bass Master Classics, the third Classic was also a secret. This time, though, we were heading to Clarks Hill Lake on the Georgia/South Carolina border.

We were going to stay on the South Carolina side of the lake and had set up to use a new resort, Hickory Knob Resort, that was just being completed. Prior to the event, we made a trip to the resort to check it out.

The resort was located a long way from any town and a new road had been cut through the pine forest in order to reach it. Once we got there we noticed that the place had a very large barn and some smaller buildings located behind it that would be perfect for hiding the boats during their assembly. [Read more…]

Season at a Glance: 1973 Bass Master Trail – Part Three

Rayo Breckenridge holds the 1973 Bass Master Classic trophy. I wonder if he went to the same tailor as Ricky Green? Photo: Cover photo Jan/Feb issue of Bass Master Magazine.

This is Part Three of the three-part series on the 1973 Bass Master Tournament Series. To read Part One click here, to read Part Two click here and to read the ’73 Classic Anglers’ Profiles click here.


The third Bass Master Classic was again another “mystery lake” in the annals of Bass Master Classics. In the previous two events, Ray Scott had waited for the chartered jet to reach 10,000 feet before announcing the destination to the Classic contenders. This flight, though, would be different.

Scott not only waited to tell the contestants, he waited until the flight was almost over and they were flying a circle above Clark’s Hill Reservoir before he made the announcement. Here’s out it went according to Bob Cobb in the January/February issue of Bass Master Magazine.

“We’re going to circle the lake in a minute, anyone see anything familiar? That’s Clark Hill Reservoir…..Junior Collis, we’ve brought you home.”

It was Collis’ first Classic and he’d recently won one of the toughest events in B.A.S.S. history in May at Lake Keowee. Now Scott was taking him to his home lake. He was an obvious favorite right from the start. [Read more…]